The First Annual Online Hunger Games

You can be entered in the Hunger Games here. You can choose to be a designer, tribute, or a mentor. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck, no one.


10. The District Nine Tributes

Effie smiled as she read the paper. "Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan!" she said.

There was a girl that walked down the aisle-like clearing between the people. She had bleach-blonde hair. She walked up smiling, but it was a twitching smile, like she wanted to be there, but she didn't.

Effie gasped as she read off the next paper. "Kyle Marron!"

Kyle Marron was here. Kyle seemed shocked as well. He thought that he was safe. But here he was. Why had Effie gasped when she read his name, though?

Effie resumed her cheesy smile. "Meet your DISTRICT NINE TRIBUTES!"

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