The First Annual Online Hunger Games

You can be entered in the Hunger Games here. You can choose to be a designer, tribute, or a mentor. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck, no one.


14. The Aftermath

"I-I-I don't know, Grandmother! I-I-" cried small May.

An angry lady held her up by her hair. "May, it is an honor to be able to do this. Another thing, also. I don't care if you know or not. Quit acting so wimpy. How will anyone ever like you if you act like that?"

May wailed. Her grandmother swatted her across the face. A small cut appeared on May's cheek. Her grandmother dropped her to the ground.

The guards made their way through the rooms that held the tributes and their loved ones. Each tribute had five minutes with each person they loved.

A guard walked up to the Gibbsons. "Time up! Bring in the next person!"

The grandmother shook her head. "There are no more people for May," said she.

The guard led the grandmother out of the room and walked to the next room, which held Cody Weslan.

Cody sat in a chair, while his dad stood beside him.

"Dad, I'll be all right. I'll win. I win for her, don't you worry," said Cody.

The father held in his tears as he smiled at his son. "That's my boy."

They just sat in silence for three more minutes. "TIME UP!" called the guard. He led the father out of the room, then headed off to the next compartment, where Desera Reyes sat by herself, staring at a wall in deep thought.

"Reyes, do you not have anyone?" said the guard harshly.

"No, all of my family is at the Capitol," she answered. She didn't mention the fact that they were Avoxes. "Either that, or they are dead."

"Stay here, then. I will go see to the others, then take you to the train." Desera nodded, and the guard left. He walked into the compartment three doors down. There sat Laurence Killer, making out with a girl.

"Alright, alright, break it up! Time's up!" yelled the guard. The girl slowly walked out of the door, the guard following closely behind.

He walked to the next-door compartment. Peyton Grace sat there, cupping a small girl's head in his hands. The girl, who looked almost exactly like him, had a small, tear-streaked face. She looked like she would crack, she seemed so frail.

"Listen. Shh, listen Tallie. I promise, I will watch you every day if I die, and I will love you every day in any case. If I live, you'll get the best meats and cheeses and be so full that you fat stuffed bear will look like a stick compared to you. I promise." Peyton landed a kiss on her forehead.

Tallie took a deep breath. "But, brother, what will I do without you?"

Peyton smiled a sad smile. "Make me proud. Live every day to the fullest. Be happy, and stay safe."

The guard clapped his hands. "Alright, time up!"

Peyton smiled at his sister. "It's all okay. Leave quietly."

Tallie bit her lip and slowly walked out. A mother walked in.

"Mom, I thought that you said that you were too busy to see me off," said Peyton crossly.

The mother sat beside Peyton. "Baby, I know that these last three years, ever since your father has been taken in by the Capitol, you and I haven't gotten along. I'm sorry, baby. I love you. I want you to know that before you leave. And I'm sorry about ignoring you. I'm sorry for not showing up for anything you wanted me to. I'm sorry for not being a mother. It's not your fault. It was all me."
There was a pause, and Peyton, even though he was tough, started to cry. His mother started to cry along with him.

"Baby, I'm sorry that I waited until last minute to do this, to apologize, to tell you that I love you," said the mother. She landed a kiss on his head. "Make me proud."

"Time up!" called the guard. The mother walked out of the room. The guard shut the door, leaving Grace by himself. The guard walked five doors down, where Maurice Tamer sat arguing with his brother.

"...I just can't believe that you could do this! Mom is in a wheelchair, Dad is home tending to her, and we were supposed to be there forever helping them! They need you!" said the brother. "They need your money! They need your help! They need your food! And you just left us! And don't even begin-"

"TIME UP!" called the guard. The brother stomped out of the room. The guard walked into the next room, where Kyle Marron sat, waiting for his guests to be led in. 

The guard coughed and walked over to Kyle. "Mr. Marron, you must come with me."

Kyle was shocked. "Am I not allowed to-"

"No, you must come with me." The guard walked over to Kyle and grabbed him under the arms. He dragged him out, and he nodded to another guard to continue the rounds.

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