The First Annual Online Hunger Games

You can be entered in the Hunger Games here. You can choose to be a designer, tribute, or a mentor. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck, no one.


16. Mr. Marron, Ms. Everdeen, Ms. Bell, and Ms. Schipper's "Special Treatment"

The large, blindingly white room with two small, black leather couches facing each other and a small table with a glass top was rarely used, but it was still in pristine condition. Today, though, it was going to be used.

Four of the tributes were led in by guards and were squeezed together to sit on the couch. 

"What are we doing here?" said one of them. It was Kyle Marron. He felt the person next to him shrug, but he couldn't see who it was because it was too cramped on the couch to turn his head.

Another man walked in the door, the scent of roses following with him. His grey hair and beard seemed even more grey in the white of the room. He was even more intimidating in real life.

"What is President Snow doing here?" whispered one of the girls to herself.

"Ah, welcome, Mr. Kyle Marron, Ms. Rosemary Everdeen, Ms. Joely Bell, and Ms. Kyli Schipper," said President Snow.

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