Two Times the Charm

Harry is dying after 197 years most of it spent fighting against the ones he first saught to protect. Upon his death he is given an option that may change the events of the past.


3. Chapter 3

The remainder of the summer passed uneventfully on Harry's part and it was now September and Harry was fully packed and ready to go he had his instruments shrunk and in his trunk wanting to have them in case he wished to play during the year, he had all the things he needed for school and some things he didn't such as his journals which held new spells, potions, wards and even curses and jinxes that he had been creating since he could write again a lot were from his older years in his previous life many more though were his own creations, he made sure to have casual and work out clothes with him also as he was not going to be slacking on his training just because he would be at school no it just means he will have to get up even earlier than usual, he also brought a selection of books from his vaults some in parselscript some in dead languages but after all Death speaks all dialect why not his Master, he even has his a collection of muggle fiction and non fiction that he had yet to read. 

Harry was dressed in a pair of slacks, a crimson shirt he had his hair pulled back and tied with a black ribbon, he also wore a pair of black dragon hide boots, he shrunk his trunk wandlessly and put it in the pocket of his shirt before locking his door from the inside and shadowing to an alcove close to Kings Cross, he stepped out of the alcove and blended seamlessly into the crowd that passed he broke of at the doors of the train station and walked through the muggle side to the barrier he passed through just as soon as a crowd of uninterested people walked by him, reaching the platform he instantly noticed the Malfoys and walked over to them making his rings invisible to all but himself no need to draw extra attention to himself, 

"Narcissa, Lucius, Draco good to see you again" Harry said as he drew closer to the trio it was then he noticed Severus Snape standing with them looking at him curiously like he didn't know what to think. Narcissa pulled Harry into a hug with a smile 

"Harry, wonderful to see you again, speaking through letters just isn't the same, oh and this is Severus Snape Draco's godfather" Narcissa said joyfully Harry smiled at the woman fondly before he turned to Severus with a polite smile on his face 

"It is nice to meet you Mr Snape, Draco has told me a lot about you" Harry said 

"As has he told me much about you Mr Potter" Severus said in his usual drawl Harry chuckled 

"Well I would love to stay and chat but the train is going to leave in a few minutes and I would very much like to get a seat, excuse me" Harry said with a bow of his head

"Make sure you write" Narcissa called after him Harry smiled and nodded continuing on his way Draco following a few minutes later 

"Well, what do you think of him?" Lucius asked his oldest friends and brother in all but blood 

"I am unsure what to think of him, I have been told for 11 years that he has been raised just like his father but I now know it is untrue, I will not judge him until I know him better but I can tell he is very unlike James Potter" Severus concluded before they all apperated to their seperate destinations. On the train Draco pulled Harry along behind him 

"Draco what are you doing?" Harry asked amused 

"Taking you to meet my friends I also want to sit with you" Draco said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world Harry chuckled amused at the blondes attitude and went along with it and soon enough they were in a compartment with Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Vincent Crabb, Gregory Goyle and Blaize Zabini they were almost the same as he remembered them only Crabb and Goyle surprising him with their actual intelligence which was admittedly a pleasant surprise for him. The train ride passed in relative silence each doing their own things asking occasional questions and soon enough they had to change into their school robes, unlike in his previous life Harry's uniform was of the finest materials and fitted so that they would not hang of him and make him look rediculous.

"Firs' years over 'ere" Hagrids voice called over the noise of the students climbing of the train Harry and the others went over to the half giant and waited for teh remainder of the first yers to arrive thankfully they didn't have to wait long before Hargrid was leading them to the boats 

"No more than four 'er a boat" Hagrid said so the group with Harry split into a group of four consisting of Harry, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle while Pansy, Theo and Blaize went in a group of three joined by Ron of all people of course Ron was scowlling at whom he was sharing with. Rounding the bend Harry was filled with a sense of home as the schools wards washed over him and settled into him 

"Welcome home Harry" a voice whispered in his head obviously the consiousness of Hogwarts and Harry smiled as the feeling of home intensified 

"You alright Harry?" Draco asked worried Harry looked to him with a serine smile 

"I'm fine Draco just glad to be here thats all" Harry told the blonde who nodded and returned to looking at the magnificant castle. Once docked and back on land Hagrid lead them to the doors adn knocked thrice and they opened to reveal Professor McGonagal who lead them to the antichamber and gave the welcoming speech. 

"Did I just hear someone say we had to battle a troll?" Draco asked incredulous 

"Dont worry Draco it's not true why would they put a group of first years up against a troll, think about it logically" Harry said to the now blushing boy. McGonagall returned and began to lead them to the Great Hall for the sorting Harry and Draco stayed to the back of the group Harry to Draco's amazement looked like he was gliding across the ground instead of walking and promised to ask how he did it at some point. They listened to the sorting hats song 

"Abbot, Hannah" McGonagall called starting the sorting it went pretty much the same except Hermione got sorted into Ravenclaw 

"Potter, Harry" McGonagall said and Harry walked gracefully to the three legged stool ignoring the shocked whispering of the student body, the hat was placed on his head 

"Oh this is a first, never have I came across a mind I could not enter" the Hat said with amazement inside his head 

"Well one can not be too carefull, I will let you in only if you promise not to reveal any of my secrets" Harry told the hat mentally

"Of course my purpose is to sort not to gossip any and all secrets are safe with me Mr Potter" the Hat said so Harry lowered his occulemency barriers 

"Oh my the heir of the four founders, the master of death and the abilities of a dementor and knowledge of a previous life this is definantly something I have never seen before but where to place you, you would fit into all houses respectfully" the Hat pondered 

"Which house do you think would suit me better?" Harry asked 

"Hmm, very well. Better be SLYTHERIN" the hat called and Harry slipped of the stool and to the Slytherin table his tie and outer robes changing accordingly 

"That took long enough" Draco muttered 

"Yes well the hat said I would suit all of the houses and couldn't decide which one to place me in" Harry replied as the headmaster began his start of term announcments before the feast began 

"Professor Dumbledore seems to be staring quite obviously at you Harry" Blaize said Harry laughed which sounded like a breeze in the wind it was calming and melodic capturing some of the older Slytherins attention 

"Let him stare he's just incensed that his weapon is with the snakes and not the lions" Harry told them 

"What do you mean by that?" a seventh year asked leaning to see Harry better 

"Think about it, they consider me to be the Boy-Who-Lived, the champion of the light it would be expected of me to be in Gryffindor where he could keep a close eye on me but I have put a kink in his plans by being sorted into the house of the serpent" Harry said 

"A very Slytherin move" a sixth year said with a smirk 

"But of course, I will not me monitored and used like some toy, I have spent my whole life looking after myself and I will not allow another to control my actions no matter who they may be" Harry said the two older years laughed before they continued their meals. They had to sit through some more announcments and the school song before they were lead to the common room and sent to bed after a welcoming speech by Snape. Harry ended up with a room of his own though he suspected the school had something to do with that and the faint feeling of amusement from the connection with the castle he knew he had suspected correctly, after unpacking all but his piano he changed and slipped into bed falling asleep instantly 

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