Two Times the Charm

Harry is dying after 197 years most of it spent fighting against the ones he first saught to protect. Upon his death he is given an option that may change the events of the past.


2. Chapter 2

Until Harry was 4 life with the Dursleys was exactly the same as it was previously but mid way through his fourth year in this life he finally got full control of his dementor gift and using that and very threatening words that no four year old should ever know he changed the way he would live, he demanded Dudley's second bedroom to be cleared of Dudleys belongings, he demanded to be fed properly, clothed properly, treated properly basically to be treated like he was their own child. Harry knew he would never forget the fearfull looks his relatives had shot him. 

Harry took his first soul at the age of eight and the victim had been following him around for day's Harry could sense that the man was an ancient vampire though probably not that old compared to other ancients but definantly over 400 years old. Harry got sick of being followed after a week and took the mans soul, turned out it had been a Lord Nemisis Gamp who happened to be a metamorph, though Harry also got the vampires senses, speed, strength and knowledge the latter of which Harry was more excited about since it was over 400 years worth, also the mans Lord ring also found a home on his right thumb and would not come off no matter what he tried so Harry just made it invisible to all but his own eyes. It had been that year that he began his own personal training in occulemancy, weaponary, magic, gymnastics, martial arts and others so he would not be defenceless not that he would be but it would take some of his time and prevent him from being bored. 

By Harry's 9th birthday he had occulemancy shields so strong no one would be able to pass them not even a master legillimens, his mindscape was that of Hogwarts the building and grounds his memories were placed in brick, acromantula webs, the lake, Room of Requirments everywhere but no one would be able to find them since they only glowed when Harry was alone in his mindscape basically his mind was very well protected. Harry was both a Master Occulemens and a Master Legillimens.

Harry was now 11 years old and he was vastly differnet than in his first life he was extremly or impossiby graceful due to gymnastics, dancing and his martial arts training, he managed to make himself magic sensitive to all the magic in the world. Harry had trained physically and he was glad, he trained his magic to comply with his will because if you can will it, it can happen though all other wizards and witches were unaware of this, during his magical trianing he looked into all branches of magic not wanting to discriminate against any so he began looking into blood magic, dark magic, light magic which changed his core to be able to do both without effort, he trained his necromantic magic, musical magic which he did using a violin, chello, flute and piano due to this he was able to play each exceptionally even if not for magical means, elemental magic, Divinitation magic turns out he has a knack for Cartomancy (the use of Tarrot cards), which he had not discovered in his first life, healing magic, war magic, and more since there were quite a lot of branches of magic. Over the years he had also taken a fair number of souls mostly muggle though a few magical so he now had a large collection of knowledge at his disposal in his mind from languages magical and muggle, runes, arithmancy, maths, literacy, english, science, history, charms and more, he would be able to get a large number of diploma's easily in the muggle world if he so felt inclined to, he also got a few other gifts from some of the magical beings he came across such as shadow travel, empathy, shape shifting abilties and more. Harry had even came across another ancient vampire this one over 700 years old and Harry had been estatic with that. 

Currently Harry was sitting at the kitchen table reading the discarded newspaper while he waited for the post to arrive as today his Hogwarts letter would be arriving, he was eating his breakfast which consisted of two slices of plain toast, a bowl of oatmeal with fresh strawberries and yogurt since he had been eating healthy, it had made his Aunt change the diets of Vernon and Dudley also mind you both were still a hefty weight not that he cared, Harry heard the letterbox so he summoned the post before it even touched the ground, Harry took his letter putting the rest on the table. After reading the letter he conjurred parchment, black ink and a quill before he wrote his responce, his handwritting was very fancy with loops, fancy flicks and swirls which reminded him of calligraphy from over 500 years ago when everyone wrote with quills and inks.

"I will be gone for most of the day. I have school shopping to do" Harry called before heading to his room not waiting for a response. His room was magically enlarged with two doors on one of the walls one lead to an en-suite bathroom the other a walk in closet both which he added himself, his room was Slytherin orientated since he quite liked the colours and snakes had always been his favourite animal. After a shower Harry dressed in some of his more formal clothes since he would be dealing with goblins who were proud creatures. Once dressed he looked himself over in the mirror and smiled at his reflection he was 4ft 13 inches slightly taller than an average 11 year old, he had muscles due to his training but not so much that he was the mass of Crabbe and Goyle, his shoulders were broader than they had been when he was 13 in his last life, his skin was pale and unblemished, straight spine, high cheekbones, strong jaw, small straight nose, his eyes were still wide and surprised looking and pulsed with power due to his magic the killing curse green still as bright as when they turned that colour, his hair was as dark as a shadow and fell to just past his shoulders, he was wearing an emerald green shirt, black slacks and shiny black shoes. All in all he looked like a pureblood. He walked down the stairs and out of the house giving his letter to the waiting owl before heading to the closest alley and shadow travelling to Diagon Alley. 

Upon reaching the Alley he walked confidently to Gringotts and when he reached the large marble building he nodded at the door guards which seemed to shock both of them, Harry confidently made his way to one of the free goblin tellers and waited for it to finish the paperwork it was doing 

"Yes?" the goblin asked after looking up, the goblin sounded slightly shocked at the fact Harry did not pull him from his work 

"Good morning Master Goblin my name is Harry Potter and I was wondering if it would be possible to meet with my account manager if he is not too busy that is?" Harry asked politely and in fluent Gobbledegook which further surprised the Goblin 

"Of course just please wait here" the goblin said before he moved from behind the counter and moved out of the main chamber, the goblin returned minutes later and beckoned for Harry to follow him. Harry was lead to a large oak door and the goblin knocked both entered at the call of the Potter account managers call 

"Snarltooth, Mr Potter to see you" the goblin said before leaving the room with a bow Harry smiled at his account manager 

"Good morning Mr Potter, how can I be of assistance to you today?" questioned Snarltooth guesturing for Harry to take a seat in front of his desk 

"I was wondering if I could possibly be granted emancipation so that I can take my Lordships early for I do not trust another not to mess with them longer than they have, not including the Goblins of course" Harry explained Snarltooth seemed surprised 

"Of course if you feel that you can handle the responsibilities of holding your title, please sign where indicated and place a drop of blood onto these forms" Snarltooth instructed conjuring the correct forms, Harry signed what was needed with a smile on his face,

"Thank you Snarltooth, I was also wondering if it would be possible for me to take an inheritance test so that I may be able to claim what is mine  by rights also to get statements about all I own. I would also request the statements for the Gamp estates, vaults etcetera as the late Lord Gamps ring found a home on my hand and has not removed itself since I got it" Harry asked Snarltooth nodded slightly stunned before he summoned a silver basin and pure gold ritual blade 

"Please slice the palm of your hand and let the blood drip into the basin, after a few seconds the blood will disappear and the Lord or Heir rings you are intitled to will appear in its place" Snarltooth explained so Harry did what the goblin requested and watched as the blood disappeared only to be replaced with 7 more rings one he recognised as the Potter ring one as the Black ring and he only knew these as he had worn them most of his life previously 

"Well you are a very important wizard Mr Potter, if you are accepted you will be Lord of the ancient and Noble House's of Potter Black Peverell Slytherin Hufflepuff Gryffindor and Ravenclaw of course Gamp will also be included if you do in fact have the ring" Snarltooth said Harry made the ring visable before he spoke 

"I thought Sirius Black was the current Black Lord" 

"Well due to the Black family charter if any heir or Lord spends anytime in Azkaban prison they forfit the Lordship as they are no longer seen fit to care for the Black family. Now please place the rings on your fingers if they accept you then you will feel a flood of family magic that as Lord you will be able to use and the rings will resize to fit your finger" so Harry placed the rings on his fingers one by one and each accepted him and just like the Gamp ring they all refused to come of his fingers 

"This has never happened before, do you have any idea why they won't come of?'' Snarltooth asked his confussion clear 

"I may have an idea, I trust this will not leave Goblin knowledge" Harry said 

"Of course not Lord Potter" Snarltooth said 

"None of that Lord Potter business, just Harry we're friends are we not. As for the ring situation I feel it is because I will become an immortal when I reach my majority" Harry said Snarltooth looked shocked when Harry said they were friends

"How will you become an immortal?" Snarltooth questioned Harry smiled 

"Well Death himself told me" Harry said before he went on to explain of what happened after he had died in his last life Snarltooth seemed to be in shock by the end of the explaination 

"So you are not 11 in mind but 208 and you are the Master of the Death as you mastered the Deathly Hallows which were thought to be a childrens tale, I will be able to tell the King as I am sure he would like to hear this?" Snarltooth asked 

"Of course, as long as it stays between myself and the Goblin Nation I am fine with the King and any other Goblin knowing" Harry said, Snarltooth summoned the statements for what Harry owned before Harry went to make a withdrawl to buy his school supplies and anything he might fancy. Harry said a cheery goodbye to Snarltooth before leaving Gringotts. The first stop for Harry was Madame Malkins for his school robes, formal robes and everyday robes, while he was being measured the Malfoy family strode into the store Draco was ushered onto the stool beside Harry 

"Hello I am Draco Malfoy" Draco intorduced himself this time not sounding like a stuck up ponce Harry turned to face the blond with a smile 

"It is nice to meet you Draco, I am Harry Potter" Harry said holding out a hand for the blond to take the blond took it looking mildly shocked only barely showing it 

"Nice to meet you also, where have you been the last 11 years, may people have been searching for you?" Draco asked conversationally Harry grimaced 

"I have been with my muggle relatives and unlike what you may have been told I was not raised like a prince. In fact I had to raise myself" Harry said with a careless shrug Harry heard a gasp come from Lady Malfoy he turned to her with a soft smile 

"Well you seem to have done a good job" Lucius Malfoy commented Harry laughed 

"You must be Lord and Lady Malfoy, you know it is rude to listen into others conversations" Harry said lightly getting of the stool his inhuman grace shocking them all 

"Our apollogies, are those lord rings?" Narcissa asked looking at the rings in shock 

"Yes Ma'am I asked for emancipation since I already know how to look after myself" Harry told her as he browsed for robes, he mainly picked dark colours such as navy, black, emerald green, crimson forest green some even had hints of lighter colours not that he minded, once he picked what he wanted he gave them to Madam Malkin to resize 

"Are you here on your own Harry?" Draco asked 

"Yes, my relatives would not want to be seen near the freaks" Harry said with a sneer 

"Would you like to finish your shopping with us?" Narcissa asked

"I wouldn't want to intrude Lady Malfoy" Harry said 

"Do not worry about it and please just Narcissa is fine, how far along with your shopping are you?" Narcissa asked 

"This was my first stop after Gringotts" Harry said 

"This was our first stop also please join us" Narcissa said 

"Alright" Harry replied paying for his things before waiting for the Malfoys to finish

"So do you know which house you want to go to? I know I want to get into Slytherin" Draco asked 

"I would be happy in any of the houses to be honest, I hold no preference really" Harry said 

"Why would that be?" Lucius asked 

"Well Lord Malfoy, I feel I hold the characteristics of each house plus I hold thier Lordships" Harry said shocking Lucius as they walked from the store 

"Oh, your sorting will be interesting then and just call me Lucius" Lucius said Harry nodded and followed them to Ollivanders where they were to get their wands Draco was seen to first and he was fitted with a 10'' hawthorn wood wand with a core of unicorn hair, Harry was pleasently surprised with the core most of all soon enough the old wand makers eyes were on Harry and the old mans eyes widened Harry nodded knowing the man knew he was older than he actually was 

"I was wondering when I would be seeing you Mr Potter now which is your wand arm?" Ollivander asked 

"I am ambidextrous sir" Harry said 

"What does that mean?" Draco asked curiously 

"He has the abiliy to use both hands to do the same things" Ollivander said as he made the tape measure take Harry's measurments as Ollivander moved around the shop taking out boxes of wands. An hour later they were still going through wands the Holly and Phoenix wand had rejected him by burning his hand 

"You Mr Potter are the trickiest customer I have had in years. Hmm I wonder..." Ollivander said walking to the very back of the store and returning with an extremely dusty looking box Harry reached for the wand inside as soon as he gripped the handle warmth flooded him as silver and black sparks came from the tip Harry smiled 

"That wand is very old it has been around since before the shop opened and has been used by no one as no one has been powerful enough it is 13 and a half inches with duel woods of yew and acacia and a duel core of runespoor fang and chimera scale. This wand and yourself were maded for great things" Ollivander said with a smile before Harry paid him 7 galleons for the wand. 

Harry and the Malfoy's continued to complete the school shopping Harry picked up a few things he fancied even some ingredients to make some delicacies linked to the magical world since that was one thing he missed the most cooking wise anyway 

"Thank you for allowing me to join you on your shopping trip, I would like to extend a dinner invitation to you all to repay you" Harry said 

"Harry that is not necessary" Narcissa said Harry shook his head with a smile 

"Please I insist, plus it would annoy my relatives but I would definantly like to have you for dinner" Harry said with a fond smile. He was pleasently surprised that he genuinly liked all three of the Malfoys 

"Do we need to change?" Narcissa asked 

"No you will all be the most expensive things in the house no doubt" Harry said getting a laugh, they walked out to the muggle side of the Leaky Cauldron and summoned the Knight Bus Harry give Stan the address and paid the fair for all four of them. 15 minutes later they were pulling up at the end of Privite Drive, Harry lead the Malfoys' to Number 4 

"How could you live here it is so droll?" Draco asked 

"It has its perks, what with pestering the muggles" Harry said with a smirk 

"You are definantly not what I expected from the saviour of the wizarding world" Lucius said as Harry took out the key to unlock the door 

"Of course not nobody actually has seen me before this so they wouldn't know how I am" Harry said walking into the house the others following 

"Boy is that you?" Vernon called Harry sneered walking to the livingroom where he heard his relatives 

"Who else could it be Vernon?" Harry asked 

"Who on earth did you brring into my house?" Petunia all but screached 

"First of it is actually my house thanks to mum and this is the Lord Lucius Malfoy, the Lady Narcissa Malfoy and Heir Draco Malfoy" Harry said 

"And how would you know nobility?" Vernon questioned his face turning red 

"I just happen to be a noble myslef and of 8 lines" Harry said with a smirk as Vernon spluttered

"Why are they here?" Petunia asked she wasn't stupid she knew the Malfoy name Lily having spoke of the influential family 

"I have invited them over for dinner so excuse me i have things to put away beefore I cook. I hope you do not mind but I will be changing into something more comfortable so i ddo not accidentallly ruin my good clothes" Harry said directing the last bit to the Malfoys

"Of course, if it is going to be casual we can get a house elf to brinng us something" Narcissa said 

"It is up to you if you wish too change follow me" Harry said beforee walking to his room sensing the three follow behind they gasped upon seeing his room buut Harry created three extra rooms that would disappear iin haalf an hour for the Malfoys to change before Harry himself changed into a pair of black sweatpants, a white tank top and black converse. Narcissa came out first in a deep green summer dress and black pumps her hair loose, Lucius followed in black slacks and an untucked silver shirt Draco followed last in a pair of jeans surprisingly and a black t-shirt Harry had to hide his shock at seeing the family in casual clothing

"Do you play these instruments?'' Narcissa asked as they all walked out Harry nodded 

"I do, self taught actually gave me a sense of acomplishment" Harry said 

"You will have to play for me at some point" Narcissa said as they reached the kitchen, Harry told them to take seats as he began to bustle around the kitchen preparing to make something simple but filling to give them a change plus it was all homecooked by an actual person not that house elves are bad cooks, Harry just prefers his own cooking and has since before this life. 

The Malfoy's left 4 or so hours later after a meal and just getting to know eachother, they had all complemented Harry's cooking as they ate and Harry was pleased that they had, as they were leaving there were promises of letters and meeting up at Kings Cross on the first of September Harry went to bed that night with a smile on his face.

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