Two Times the Charm

Harry is dying after 197 years most of it spent fighting against the ones he first saught to protect. Upon his death he is given an option that may change the events of the past.


1. Chapter 1

Harry Potter lay dying in the cave of which he had called home for the last 50 years of his life, he was contemplating his life after he had finally destroyed Voldemort. He had done what had been expected of him, he married Ginerva Weasley and had three beautiful children James, Albus and Lily though this made him feel worse when he discovered that he preferred males over females, he had became an auror straight after the war not really having a choice in the matter but he was the best of them and he quickly worked his way through the ranks becoming the Head of the Department within the space of 5 years the quickest time actally recorded. 

It was in Harry's mid fourties that everything hit the fan after years of peace it should have been expected really, it had aslo been the thing that many people feared, no not another Dark Lord/Lady but the muggles finding out about the existence of magic of course they thought this was amazing for the first few years but then the muggles began to fear magic and the things it could do and the world was at war muggles against magicals. It was then that Harry knew that even though the methods had been extreme Voldemort had actually been doing what was the best thing for the magical world as a whole and now it was too late.

Now as Harry lay dying he was the last of the magical race though he knew the muggles would be dead soon enough after all the planet was destroyed, the skies a poisonus green because of toxic, chemical and neuclear warfare, rain was toxic and acidic, nothing grew as the soil was poisoned, animals were dying out many of them extinct, the air filled with harmful toxins that kill slowly, there were no sources of fresh water, seas and oceans were blackened, Harry was saddened that it had happened he could feel the magic in the world slowly dying out but some of it latched onto him that is also how he had survived for as long as he had.

Now at the age of 197 Harry was drawing his final breaths alone in his cave where no-one would find him as he thought about what he would have changed. Funny how you regret what you did in the past when it is much to late to fix it or do something differently than before. With a shuddering breath Harry's eyes slipped closed as he passed on painlessly unlike most of the others, Harry embraced the darkness of death gratefully like an old friend and in a way it was true with all that he had almost died in his youth. What Harry did not expect was to waken in the same bright white Kings Cross that he arrived in when he died at 17 by Voldemorts hand well wand, sitting up slowly blinking he came across a tall being dressed from head to toe in black a hood over its head all Harry could see was a bone white skeletal hand gripping a large scythe who was standing mere metres away from him. The being bowed at Harry who gaped in surprise not having expected this 

"Greetings Master, I am Death, your faithful servant" The figure now hailed Death said the voice was neither male nor female 

"I am no ones Master" Harry said Death laughed a chilling sound but somehow made Harry feel safe which made him want to hit himself 

"Ah, but you are my Master after all you died the master of the Deathly Hallows did you not?" Death questioned Harry nodded his head slowly wondering what that meant for him 

"Then this means that you are my master, the story was true well mostly the Hallows actually choose who is worthy of the title you now hold so that it goes to the most worthy. I would normally say no take backs but I suppose I could give you some options to choose from I guess" Death said 

"Options?" Harry questioned confussed never having thought Death would give him an option about it after all the being was Death after all 

"Yes Master, you have three options the first is you can relinquesh your title and continue onto the after life to be with your family, the second is you can spend the rest of your eternity travelling with me to other worlds, times, dimesions after all Death is everywhere or option three I could return you to the night you mastered your first Hallow mind you, you will still hold the title and be able to always sense the other Hallows no matter what" Death said as Harry sat taking it all in 

"Other than those would there be anything different if I were to choose option three?" Harry questioned after all it was better to be prepared before jumping into something headfirst 

"Yes in fact. You would be a necromancer the first in hundreds of years in fact so you basically have control over all my creations such as inferi, zombies, dementors, vampires, ghosts, vengful spirits, polterguists lots of things really, upon reaching your magority at 17 you will stop aging, you will be able to remember everything of this life and your next, the remaining magic from the world you just left has attached itself to your core so your magic in your new life will be joined with your core from before making you far more powerfull than even the four founders together and this will help you will some things. The killing curse will not work on you at all it will just bounce off or you can absorb it for the fun of it to see the look on your opponents face of you so wish. I also wish to give you a gift if you choose the third option" Death explained and Harry was intrigued very much so 

"What sort of gift?"Harry had to ask 

"I wish to gift you with the abilities of a dementor, though patroni will not affect you, dementors are unable to due to your necromantic abilty. If you take a soul you will recieve the knowledge of the person so if they can do algebraic equations you will be able to do algebraic equations etc. etc. If the person has a magical gift such as metamorphagy you will receive said gift. I suggest going for vampires I know I created them but I happen to know they have the best gifts and knowledge you would probably appreciate it" Death told his Master. Harry's eyes lit up at the prospect knowing immediatly which option he was going to take after all who would want to pass up the opportunity it was an easy decision in the end 

"I think I will chose option three" Harry said politely while bouncing up and down on his spot excitedly, Death chuckled 

"Very well Master, just remember you may call on me at any stage and I will be there. Have fun Master cause some mischief" Death said before shooting a black beam of magic at Harry causing him to once again submmiting to darkness. Harry blinked open his eyes in time to see his mothers body fall to the ground he watched Voldemort approach unimpressed with his arms folded it seemed to make the Dark Lord twitch, Voldemort raised his wand 

"Avada Kedavra" Voldemort intoned and a blast of green light rushed to hit Harry who aborbed the killing curse before blinking up innocently at Voldemort who stood mouth agape in shock Harry grinned at the Dark Lord before he made the curse leave his own body and hit the Dark Lord who screamed as his soul was ripped from his body a small silver of said soul broke of and latched onto Harry only this time there was no scar no this time the curse had changed his eyes which now looked permanantly wide eyed and surprised and the colour of the Killing Curse pulsing with power he no longer had Lily's almond shaped emerald eyes. In his mind Harry created an orb around the horcrux before it could do any damage such as latch onto his magic, or cause him the blindness of his first life also so it would not hinder his magical ability like in his first life. Harry finally fell asleep since he was after all just a 15 month old baby. 

Hours later Harry was awoken by the shrill shreak of his Aunt Petunia, blinking open his eyes he watched as Vernon lumbered up behind her face purple as he looked down at the basket Harry was in, both were surprised to see the intelligent, pulsing strange green eyes staring at them, he was lifted and put in the cupboard out of the way and Harry scowled, the room becoming ice cold. He promised himself he would be out of there at his earliest convinence.

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