Moving: A Blessing or a Curse?

Emerald Goldenflower (Em) has lived in New York all her life but now she's moving from the big city to a small town. Em absolutely detests moving even though she's being bullied. But, is moving a blessing or a curse when she meets a very hot athlete whose parents die after they befriend each other and he moves in with Em and her father?


3. School sucks!

Em rolled over at five in the morning and slammed her palm onto her alarm clock.

"Shut up." She groaned at it. She rolled out of bed and grabbed her clothes she had set aside for school. She entered her bathroom and proceeded to take a long shower with a complicated facial routine afterwards. Em looked at her outfit before deciding that she wanted to wear something else. She stared at her closet for what seemed like an eternity before finally picking out a white, flower-imprinted dress with a jean jacket. She dress went just past her knees so she didn't think her father would object to the outfit. The now dressed girl walked to her vanity set before beginning her makeup routine.

After applying a final coat of finishing powder and lip gloss, Em pulled on her thick-heeled black ankle boots then looked at herself in the full-length mirror she had on her bathroom door. She walked back into her bathroom to begin her hair. She decided on a braided bun with a couple of pieces of hair falling from it equally in the front. After making sure that her entire outfit was first-day-of-school ready, she walked downstairs to get a small bite of breakfast. Her father already had eggs and toast going and he asked if Em wanted some.

"Sure dad, sounds great." She said as she went to pour herself some juice to hopefully wake herself up a bit more. A few minutes later, Em was bolting up from her empty plate and cup to go brush her teeth quickly without messing up her lipstick. After doing so, she grabbed her black leather backpack with a small amount of sequins on it.

"Ready to go?" Her father asked. He also had his first day of work today so he was a little excited for today as well. Except Em was nervous. Very nervous. She nodded and followed him out to their black BMW sedan before getting into the passenger seat. The car ride to school was very quiet and luckily, very short. They only lived a couple of blocks away but Em refused to walk to school, especially on the first day at a new school in a new neighborhood. Just think of all the rumors. She shuddered inwardly at the remembrance of the nasty rumors people spread about her at her old school. Em had never been at the top of the social ladder but this year was intended to be different. She would not be driven away by prissy teenagers. She was from New York, this would be no problem, or so Em thought before her father pulled up to the school.

"Holy shit." Em mumbled under her breath. 

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