4. Raven Goldfreed

“Can you hurry up Raven? Were going to get caught.” We were outside  the school, right near the dumpsters were my gang meets everyday. I was chosen to graffiti our new mark right on the wall. Getting chosen was always an honor. “Almost done Pat.” Pat was the impatient one of the group. Her real name is Patience, but when we learned she had none we nicknamed her Pat. “ Shut up, Pat. If you're so hyped about the new mark, then you should go inside Ravens head and swim around in her brain for awhile until you find it!” Jack yelled. WE all started laughing, except Jack, of course. He's the one who likes having tattoos sprawled across his arm. You might be thinking those silly kiddy tattoos where you peel them off the paper and stick it on your arm. I'm sorry to say, but you're wrong if you thought that.He says he gets them professionally done. To see if he was lying or not, we covered his arms in olive oil and scrubbed down his arms. To our surprise, the tattoos didn't chip off or even get a scratch. When we asked him when and how he  got them, Jack only answered with a simple shrug and said he knew some people. Odd but true. As I added the last touch to the mark, I dropped the can of gold spray paint. “Done!” I had completely changed the mark. Unlike the others, they just changed the colors and called it “a new master piece”. The only artistic one around here is is me. As I spain around, I see the others staring in awe. I created a raven in the colors gold and black. It had its wings spread out on the shimmering brick wall. “R-Raven, It's AMAZING!” Jack was already walking up to my creation, face full of wonder and awe. “I have to admit, it was totally worth the wait.” Pat said, playing with her lilac colored nails. The girl was obsessed with the color. “Should we celebrate?” I was thinking we could go to McDonalds or something. I LOVE their french fries. They always put the right amount of salt on them. “Sure!” They both exclaimed. “Cool. were going to get some cheeseburgers.” I went to pick up cans of paint, and hid them behind the dumpster. The weird thing about the school is that I always find a brand new chair inside it. So that's how we came to pull it out and use them as our own. Right after we painted them, of course.

We carefully passed by the front doors, hoping not to get caught by the secretary a few feet by the door. Mrs.Stewart was always sneaking a look by the perimeter of the door every five  minutes. That's what makes it harder sneaking out of class. She knows every single person that has gotten detention and can list their names by heart. Pat was the last one to sneak by the door. She slipped some gum right before and was smacking her lips as she chewed it. Big mistake. Pat was right at the second door when she flew straight to the brick wall as Mrs.Stewart opened the doors. “AHA! I HAVE CAUGHT ALL OF YOU IN ACTION! DETENTION, ALL OF YOU CRIMINALS!” Ok. First of all, we're not criminals. Were just three kids in a gang who like to graffiti the walls and sneak out of school to dye our hair and all that stuff. Second of all, this is not going to get her a promotion. Mrs.Stewart always wanted a promotion. As I look back to Pat, she looks like she's in pretty bad shape. “Uhh, can you call an ambulance? Pat here looks.. Hurt..” Pat was splattered on the concrete floor, clutching her arm that was bended the wrong way. Blood was everywhere. “Oh my, yes, Ill go get the phone.” Mrs.Stewart ran inside. Well i guess Patty will be gone for a while





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