1. Lorelie Ford



“LORELIE. GET BACK TO THE NORMAL WORLD AND OUT OF YOUR FANTASY EARTH THIS MINUTE!” You know those people that when they zone out into their dream world, their practically deaf to the real world? That's me. I got a new nickname too; Lorelie the Dreamer. I got used to it but I hated it at first. Well, I should probably listen to my teacher or she’ll give me detention after school. It’s not going to be the first time I got detention. It’s about the seventh time this year. I bet that's a school record.

“After school detention for you young lady,” the teacher said, handing me a slip of paper so that I would have a pass to get into her room after school.

“Fine,” I groaned in misery. My parents are going to kill me.

Psst. Psst. Lorelie. Here!” As I turn around I see Garoth holding out a piece of paper in his hand. As I quickly took the neatly folded paper, I looked around to see if Mrs. Lame (her real name is Mrs.Sterling) saw the paper. Until I saw “Mrs. Lame” staring at the chalkboard to explain how e equals mc2 I snatched the paper from his hand before she could see it. As I opened the small piece of paper, I hoped that it wasn't about our date tonight. It was our anniversary, afterall. “Is the date still on?”   Great. Just great. How am I going to get out of detention! Oh well. Might as well sneak out the window since Mrs.Lame goes to see her husband, Mr. Lame  (aka Mr.Mayo). Apparently they see each whenever they can. Tests, quizzes, anything you can imagine that involves a quiet classroom or a counselor lesson. Once, there was a rumor going around the school saying how once Mrs.Lame called in sick, while actually hiding in the teachers lounge! Might as well write a note back. Sorry, I have detention. But I can sneak out if you want. I glanced over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching me as I quickly handed Garoth back the note. I watched as he read the note and raise his head to smile at me and nod.



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