A songfic based on the song by Luka Megurine, Leia


1. Leia

~Song by Luka Megurine (Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blrfsn_04tI)~


Let me hear your voice; Erase this sinking heart 
I'll paint on the canvas of lies 
Today again


He wasn't delusional. It was love. Love for the girl with salmon pink hair, submerged within the rainbow mass of carnations. He watched as her long hair swayed in the breeze like the cherry blossoms on their branches. He wanted to hear her speak, but she was mute. He was lonely. Everything was a lie.


I feel like I've reached the endless illusion 
"What should I call it?" the temperature doesn't change 
Before laughter eats away at my insides 
I locked in today; the future I think of is grey


He couldn't see his future in front of him. He didn't want future. If she wasn't in it, then there was no point in living it out. It would only become more painful, as the loneliness ate away at his heart. He chuckled as he watched couples walking up and down the streets in which he lived, arm in arm, wearing warm, fluffy coats and thick scarves. He could be like that. He looked into the blue eyes of the girl. Her smile was exactly the same. A smile only for him.

"What should I call it?" he asked, stroking her cheek. 

She neither resisted nor accepted. He laughed again.


Fantasy that I wanted; Deserted lies 
If you want, let me hear it


She wouldn't tell him that she loved him. And he didn't understand why...

"Why can't you just tell me?" he whispered as tears threatened to form in his eyes, "Why won't you love me?" he was becoming desperate.

Again, she just looked at him with happy sparkly eyes. They were lies.


I embedded the love that overflowed from the heart 
Ecstasy that overlapped with your voice is far away 
If there's a form, if it's going to be destroyed 
I don't need these two eyes; embrace me


He could hear her voice. She would speak to him and they would converse for hours upon hours, just him and her. Nobody else could hear them, her voice was only for him and him alone.

What am I doing here? he whispered, for he wanted nothing more than to escape the illusion he was trapped inside. Her voice was a lie. Her love was a lie. She was a lie.

But he wanted nothing more than for her to embrace him. Comfort him. And help him escape from within his own illusions. He could feel her warm, slender arms wrap around his vulnerable form as he would sob, knowing that he truly was mad. He was truly delusional. 

He loved her, and if her love was a lie, then so was everything he was living in




"Leia...Leia! That's your name." he was so pleased that he finally knew the name of the girl.

Her face showed no sign of denial, so it must be true. That must be her name...Leia.


The endless illusions laughed sadly 
"What should I call it?" The echoing words are grey


She looked at him with sad eyes and laughed slightly. He was delusional. She was a lie and she was making him insane. But of course she couldn't do anything. What could she do? He was trapped, enchanted by a mere creation, completely in love with something that wasn't real. He just looked at her blankly. She couldn't do anything to save the man from his own illusion.


Eternity slightly stopped its breath 
And left me to go to despair


Slowly, he was beginning to realise that the life he was living was a lie, once again. She wasn't his lover, and she would never love him. Everything around him went slower. He didn't want to live, but eternity was not doing any favours. He refused to leave the house. He couldn't face the people who saw him as mad. But then again, why did he need to leave? He had everything he wanted here. Didn't he?

He cried. He had nothing because he didn't have her. She wasn't real.


When the sound of the clockhand stops, the world is going to end 
Words that only hope don't have any meaning 
Laugh a little more, pray a little more 
If you can't hear me, then just kill me


Everything went to a standstill around him. He knew what he had to do. He had nothing else to live for. He had love for no other but her. But it wasn't the love that you would have for any normal person. It was much deeper than that to him. And it lead him to insanity. She wasn't real and realising that only made him more heartbroken. If he can't have her, then he didn't see any point in life. And time was not going to go any faster for the desperate man.


Let me hear your voice; erase this sinking heart 
I'll bury the canvas of lies with you 
If there's no way to leave an evidence of you and me 
Then burn me and kill me 


He gave his girl one last kiss on her lips before tossing her into his fireplace, watching as her marble skin smouldered into black ash as the flames licked the sides of her face. But her smile never changed. She wasn't in pain.

"Goodbye my love." he whispered with tears rolling down his eyes, "I will be with you again soon." he took his final walk around the house before he joined her wherever she was. She reached out to him in the darkness, taking his hand in hers and smiling the same smile. That smile only for him. That is when he knew he was in the right place...




He was a very famous artist. One who was very talented in making lifelike portraits and abstract art.

He finished applying the finishing touches to the glossy lips of his latest picture and took a step back to admire the work. The portrait was of a girl with pink hair and blue eyes lying within a field of abstractly painted carnations.

"Hmm...this is definitely my best piece yet!" he grinned proudly to himself as he took the canvas off his easel and set it leaning against the wall to dry, "Now, what to call you..." he rubbed his chin with his messy fingers for a moment or two, "Ah, I've got it!"





(So how did I do? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I know it is a little sad, but the song is a truly beautiful one, so do check it out! This was a special request from May Hayashi, so I hope she enjoyed it too! More to come very soon!)

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