My brothers best friend

This fanfic is about Grace's love for Calum's best friend Luke. She has great times and creates amazing memories with everyone hope you enjoy��


2. The Flight

Calum's POV

Today was the day. The day where I met my sister Grace for the first time in twelve years. I'm. So. Excited. Her flight lands at 3:00pm I've got to leave at at least 2:30pm because I don't know if there will be traffic.

Grace's POV

My dad is dropping me off at the airport its an 7 hour flight and right now it is 7:30 am we board the plane in 15 minutes. Calum is going to pick me up at the airport in his range rover.

The flight is finally over I have bad jet lag. Calm is on his war to pick me up now. I can't wait!! I miss him and mum. But now Australia is my home. Forever and always.

Sorry if this chapter is short there wasn't really much to write about the flight but I promise the next one won't be as short as this one!!

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