Why We Fight

A poem about the issues that I believe significantly affect this generation in particular.
I hope if you read this you take from it that we must keep on fighting for freedom of expression and not to be kept down by words and abuse.
You are strong
And you are brave
Please know this


1. why we fight

Why we fight:

This girl

She cries with the names that follow her

Labels, just a few sly steps behind -They tap her shoulder

This girl

Called fat, called skinny, called dumb

Called whore, called bitch.

At the end she is numb.

Any girl

Any woman

A sister, a mother, a friend or foe

Subject to abuse 'you look like a hoe'

For wearing too much or too little

Or at least to you

Sorry am I distracting you?

Sorry for being a prude

I don't mean to be rude

Sorry I'm not in the mood

Of course you can't help yourself

I'm just asking for it...

It's obviously my fault-

For exposing my midriff,

For having an opinion,

My few options,

For saying


Is it my fault?

I mean...

showing my shoulders, ankles

and some of my chest

This is obviously an indication to you

That I mean...


Don't judge a book by its cover is what I was always taught

But even knowing this lesson you think it's okay to resort

To raping a girl for how little she wears

You grabbed that excuse and decided to tear

Her clothes and took something she can't hope to repair.

She had it coming you say

Her fault you say


Now she spends all day

Fearful as a child and Hiding away

Her sense of security and safety fading , and for all girls out there

Who cannot wear exactly what they want because people like you make them scared.


This teen

They don't dress

'like a boy' or

'like a girl'

Gender bender


More useless words

Trying to make me question my self worth

It's obviously wrong to identify with a gender different from your birth...

It's obviously wrong to dress how you want to for work.

Why can't we dress how we like boys and girls alike

Why can't we identify with a gender we feel is right

It's like people are trying to pick a fight

All Because I don't dress according to your gender stereotypes.

I get it- you were brought up on only pink and only blue

And still let those generalisations softly affect you

Tap tap tap

They cry again

I cry again


A girl likes girls and a boy likes boys

Another likes neither,

another likes either.

That can't be right

Surely it's wrong

You were brought up on those playground songs

Where girl meets boy,

they sit in a tree


Does it make you feel awkward when I hold this girls hand?

Or is it that you just can't understand

I never thought love and affection were a hateful thing

But to you, being with the same gender, both or neither

Is just a sin.

That pencil case is gay

She's such a dyke

It's meant as a joke but your words have bite

You tease because Love is supposed to be directed in a way society feels is right.

You make presumptions based on the clothes I wear

Call me a lesbian because I have short hair

You use these words like lesbo and dyke

Even though there's absolutely no correlation between how I look and who I like.


You know what?

I'm sick of this hate

You toss these words at us and don't wait

To stop and listen think about how you curse

About how much that they can dig into our minds- you think 'they're just words'

Just Words That

Push people to suppress themselves

To hate themselves

To Kill themselves

So many suicides

So many unhappy lives

All because of




Just because you think it's only joking

Doesn't change the fact to us the words are choking

So now let's switch this completely


Let's toss the stereotypes and make our own sound

You should know by now that

You shouldn't take action or make a presumption

Based on looks, gender stereotypes, or sexual orientation.

I stand here as me

Not defined by what you say

Hand in hand with many others who think the same way

Do not expect me to stay down

At your words and abuse

I will stand back up, and I will break loose

From the borders you've set for me

With those labels you use

I will fight because I am not alone and I have NOTHING to lose.

I will fight for my freedom of expression

For my right to choose.

And you know what?

I'm not worthless

I'm worth everything.

And though your words hurt

so are


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