A Thousand Words

The world has been kicked into darkness.

Now, everybody's fighting to survive, to live within a world where shadows overlook the Heavens, and the Gods cannot do a thing.
People are praying for someone to save them from the creatures roaming outside, slowly eating every one of them, one by one.
Others are looking for a way to resolve the problem, to find a way to kill whatever was unleashed upon them all.
They're all questioning the reasons, searching for a way to help them and their hopeless families.
And yet...
They know no one is coming to save them.


1. . Falling into Oblivion .

One second, the sun was there.

The next, it no longer existed.

Screaming was the first thing to sound around the girl, filling up the depths of her pale soul. Each voice crawled up her body, clawing at it, trying to snap right into her. It felt like she was being torn apart, her body engulfed in claws of terror, built up of eternal fear. As if every single scream formed into a new body, and threw itself right onto her. And yet, none of it was real. The claws didn't exist, and the pain was a mere play of her mortal mind. There was just darkness, whilst cries mimicked the air, and fearsome chatter wrapped around her.

"Teddy?" A voice so soft, a low whisper whisked away by the wails around them. The girl felt a warm hand embrace her own, holding it in a careful manner. By now, she knew who those soft, big hands belonged to, and she allowed herself to sink into his chest, his free hand taking her into a protective hug. She let out a soft whimper, clinging onto his shirt, his scent calming her frightened and crumbled figure.

"I'm scared, Xander." Was all she said, her hand gripping his shirt. Ice had cut through her, a cold, ethereal blade slicing her into two. Everything that had happened around her and everyone else was like a horror movie. But this time, they were in it.

The airport Teddy and her boyfriend, Xander, had been at turned into a hospital bed, bearing confused and terrified patients. Everything had shifted into a mess, starting from a simple thing. Starting, from the Sun disappearing. Questioning it was the correct thing to do, trying to figure out what was the cause of it all. And yet, instead, everybody panicked. People screamed, others cried, all waiting for a savior. All thinking, that out of nowhere, their Superman would yield himself before them and return the mortals their sun.

"Hey, it'll be okay. Come on, we'll find a place to hide at, okay?" His words were reassuring enough, his strong hands keeping her close. Around them, Teddy could hardly make out the figures of others, the darkness a large disadvantage to her. Her poorly adjusting eyes had only just begun to get used to the black. Feeling his lips press to her forehead, a squeeze of her hand left him knowing that she trusted him. Xander didn't hesitate to grab their bags and lead her off into the darkness.

Their footsteps were silent within the hallways, her chocolate curls resting on her shoulders, hiding the beauty of her diamond skin. Around them, a hollow wave of shadows was placed, ready to eat them whole. Ready, to make sure they never returned again. And that made her scared. It made her scared, because she didn't know who, or what could leave that cloak of black. Her mind transferred the images, making her shift as Xander dragged her along. Figurines dressed in white, standing together to form what some would call a cult, ready to strike at any moment. Teddy knew, she knew that at any second, her mind would become nothing, an empty void of absolute nothing. There was nothing she could say, her tongue shoved down her throat, silence replacing her fever-like fear.

"Xander," Words made of nothing but glassy tears, a blinding light hitting her eyes, a scream ripped out of her throat. Pain. All she felt was pain, as it seared through her, eating her from the inside out. So much pain, a long elongated claw stabbing right into her back. It hurt. It hurt so much. Tears stained her cheeks, kissing them softly, as if trying to calm her down.

"Come on Teddy, we're nearly at the shop." Voices. Or was it one? It echoed within her skull, messing with her.

"Stop it! It hurts!" More tears, thundering filling her mind. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt. The chocolate-haired girl cried out, her man pulling her along. A sudden lift, the ground falling from beneath her, hands taking her shoulders. She had to be flying.

"I'm not leaving you to die here..." The same, distant voice reached her ears, just barely loud enough for her to hear. Her head drooped, fuzziness spreading over her vision, the feeling of death warming her up inside.

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