You can't judge a book by its cover. And you can't judge a person by their face, or, in this case, their magic talent. Kallisto is already taught to hate her powers over darkness. Annella is unsure that she even has powers in the first place. And Finn has unnatural control over his powers, but won't say why. The three are an unlikely trio, but must band together to save the colonies from one of their own- a mage about their age.


10. Chapter 8- Annella

I woke up to the sound of a rock being thrown at the wall. Kalla sat, picking up the same rock over and over, and then chucking it at the wall. Each time, it bounced back into her hand and she threw it again. And again. And again. 

“Enough,” I said, my tone irritable. I sat up and then realized that Finn was no longer next to me. 

“He’s gone,” Kal muttered, “I already tried yelling for him.” I ignored her and pulled myself to my feet.

“Finn!” I cried out, “Finn!” Kal caught her rock once more and looked at me tiredly. 

“Annella, calm down. I told you, I tried. He’ll come back.”

How did he leave in the first place, then?” I spat bitterly. Before she could say anything, I forced a raw scream out of my throat and kicked the wall. 

“God damn-” I held my toes, “Ugh!” 

I sat back down on the ground and began to cross my legs. Right over left, left over right, right over left, left over right. I quickly tired of that, and stood up again. Pacing across the room, I yelled again. 

“Finn!” My voice was rough and hoarse. Kal rolled her eyes and flicked her cheek, making the sound of a dripping faucet echo through the small room. As if on cue, Finn came tumbling down through a hole. He looked exhausted, but his silver cuffs were gone, leaving raw and bloody burned spot on his wrists. 

“Finn,” I said breathlessly, “C’mere.” 

Before he could obey or move, I quickly went over to him. I sat down next to him and took him by his hand. 

“Here,” I paused, pressing one hand to his wrist and holding his hand up with the other. The same shimmering white light emitted from my hand, healing his wrist immediately. I did the same to his other wrist, but it also seemed to help his color and his other scratches. Kal laughed from the corner and held out her arm towards me. A cut that I hadn’t seen before was there, presumably from our battle before. I didn’t know how long it had been since our battle, because there was no natural light inside our little concrete room. Just the same grey-brown walls. I bent and gently kissed Finn’s hand, quickly making my way towards Kalla. 

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I scolded her, “Neither of us had silver on!” 

“Oh, shut up. Just heal.” Kallisto paused for a moment and winced when I put my hand to her wounds. The shimmering white came back again and her cut was healed. Her and Finn both looked much healthier, the only problem was that I was seeing two of her and two of Finn. 

“Annella-ella-ella? Are you okay-ay-ay?” The voice echoed.

“Finn? Is that you?” I smiled and felt warm arms envelop me as the grey-brown room faded to darkness. 

When I woke up this time, I felt someone stroking my hair back away from my face. 

“She’s burning up, Kallisto.” Finn murmured.

“She’ll be fine,” Kal said back, but I could tell her voice was laced with worry. I opened my eyes gently, and Finn’s stunning green eyes met my own. Kal was close by too, picking at her nails. 

“Annella,” My head was resting in his lap and I tried to sit up, “Here, let me help you. Are you okay?”

“I’m- I’m fine.” 

“You shouldn’t have overused your powers like that, you lost too much energy. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Finn, I’m fine. Really, I- Wait. Where were you?” I demanded, “I woke up and you were just gone! I yelled for you! Where did you go? How did you get out? What happened?” My anger flared.

“Elle, stop for a second.” It was Kalla, “You’re gonna waste all your energy. Wait.” 

Finn helped me sit up, and I moved away from him for a moment. 

“Finn, where were you?” I repeated, “I was worried.” 

“Talking to Kyle. And Tara after him.”

    “Does this have something to do with your plan?” Kalla interrupted. 

    Finn sighed. “We’ll talk about that later, Kalla. To put it simply… things didn’t go the way I wanted.” 

    Kalla went to speak, but stopped and glanced at me. 

    “Annella, come here.” She said, gesturing next to her. My face was flushed red, which never complimented my hair color. I went over to Kal and sat next to her. She lowered her voice to a whisper, “From what I’m getting, you’re overreacting. Chill out and calm down. I saw how worried you were about him, don’t mess everything up. Let me talk to him. You can’t let emotions and instinct rule you, you stupid kid.”

    “I’m only six months younger than you!” I protested. She glared at me, but not in an angry way, more of a shut-up-you-idiot-I’m-helping-you kind of way. I reluctantly stayed next to Kal and stopped talking. I closed my eyes gently and took a few deep breaths. Kal began to ask him more questions.

    “Why were you talking to Kyle? Why Tara?”

“I told you, Kyle wanted to talk to me,” Finn sighed. “And I tried to talk sense into him. He brought me to Tara after that.”

“And the silver? How did you get it off?”

He let out an awkward sounding laugh. “Interesting long story.”

Finn,” Kalla said, her tone developing an edge. “What happened. What did you do.”

“Nothing,” he muttered, his eyes dropped down towards the floor.  

“You’re lying!” I exclaimed suddenly, “I know when people lie, and you are. Something else happened that you aren’t telling us.” 

“Elle, what do you mean?” Finn said, calmly. 

“Enough! You can either tell me the truth, or stop talking at all. I won’t be lied to by someone I’m supposed to be able to trust. I can deal with any kind of truth, but I won’t listen to lies.” I began to speak with gestures, like I usually do, but this apparently wasn’t a good idea. Water was coming up around us, but I wasn’t paying attention. My anger was taking over. “I’ve never had anyone who cares about me in my life, but I know enough about caring to know that if you care about someone you don’t lie to them.”

“All right!” Finn snapped. The water stopped, and began to disappear into the stone. “I made a deal with Tara, okay?!” 

I stopped and blinked for a moment. Even Kal looked like she’d seen a ghost. I paused for a second and then my voice came back into it’s usual soft tone.

“What type of deal?” I asked, my voice steady and quiet like it normally was, “Tell me everything.” 

“It doesn’t concern either of you,” Finn muttered. “You don’t have to worry yourself about it.”  

Before I could say anything, Kalla clamped her hand down on my wrist. 

“Shut. Up.” She muttered in a low voice so that Finn couldn’t hear.

“Fine.” I said, giving up entirely. I lifted myself up and walked to the other side of the room. 

“If you’re not comfortable, I’m not comfortable. Right, Finn?” I said bitterly.

Finn sighed. “It was blackmail,” he said quietly, just loud enough so that I could hear. “She threatened you, and said she’d hurt you if I didn’t do what she wanted.” 

I didn’t know what to say, so I exhaled a breath that I didn’t know I had been holding and shielded my face with a reddish curtain of hair. 

Kalla didn’t move, she just nodded at Finn and put her head against the wall. Finn moved towards me, and I let him. When he reached for my hand, I stopped him.

“Don’t,” I murmured, “Just… Give me time. I’m not mad at you, at least… not really. Just wait.” 

He only nodded at me and sunk down the wall, sitting next to me quietly respecting my wishes. 

I wasn’t tired at all. I had been sleeping for probably hours before and I couldn’t seem to sit still now. I rose to my feet and began to pace. Kal was sleeping, but I could feel Finn’s eyes on me. I paced from one end of the room to the other and continued to do so until Finn finally interrupted my pattern. 

“Annella,” He said, softly, “Come here.” 

I shook my head and began to walk towards the wall again.

“Please, Elle.” He sounded so wounded, so broken. I turned slowly to face him.

“I-” He cut off my whisper.

“Please?” His voice was so soft and quiet. I walked towards him carefully and sat down next to him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.

“Is this okay?” He mumbled. 

“Yes,” I replied, in a gentle tone. 


I was more tired than I thought. I drifted to sleep and dreamt of Finn, Kalla, and I, somewhere in a place where we were all happy.

“Aw, how sweet,” Kalla yelled, sounding extremely angry, “Now get up!” 

I sat up, untangling myself from Finn.  

“Kal? What’s wrong?” I said, shaking the sleep fog from my head.

“Tara. That is what’s wrong.” 

“What about her?” Finn asked, calmly sitting up behind me, his arm slung casually around my waist.

 “She came here and you were sleeping,”

“What happened?” My eyes got wide and I stared at Kallisto, waiting for an answer.

“I don’t exactly know. I woke up and she was standing there, watching us. Especially me. When she saw I was awake, she put her hand to my forehead. Before I could do anything, there was a flash of light and I passed out. The next time I woke up, she was gone and she had left this.” Kal shook a random piece of paper around and threw it towards the floor. It landed in front of me and I picked it up. On it was a letter, the hand-writing in neat rows of cursive. 

My Dearest Puppets, 

I see the Elle and Finn are rather tied up, and Kallisto has... lost her energy. I do want to leave this as a reminder: Finn, if you don’t do exactly as I say, I will kill your little Elle. Or at least severely injure. I will soon have a task for you, Mutant. I’ll be back. 



I could tell Finn was reading the letter from behind me. He tensed and pulled me closer with each word. I was still frustrated with Finn, but I decided to listen to Kalla for once. Besides, I needed to control my temper. I dropped the letter to the ground in front of me and looked a Kal. 

“Now what?” I asked, “How do we get out of here?” 

“We can’t,” Finn said, “She’ll hurt you.” I was confused.

“Not if we get out of here,” I said slowly.

“She could still find you.” He protested.

“But, she wouldn’t.” I insisted.

“Tara is capable of more than you think.” Finn frowned and his eyes dropped. He began to twiddle his fingers together. That was the tell that I was looking for.

“You’re keeping something from me.” I said evenly.

“That’s ridiculous.” Finn exclaimed, still not meeting my eyes. 

“That thing you’re doing with your hands, that’s called a tell. It tells me that you’re not telling the truth. And when you keep things from me, you can never look me in the eye.” 

Kalla looked impressed. “How do you know this stuff?” She asked me. 

“I had to do something while the other kids worked on their magic. I worked in hand-to-hand combat and in a unit of interrogation.” 

Kalla nodded and I put two finger underneath Finn’s chin, lifting his head up so that his eyes were level with my own.

“So, what is it that you aren’t telling me, love?” I searched his eyes for something, a spark or a sign. 

“Annella, you’ll hate me.”

“Finn. Don’t be stupid, I could never hate you.” 

“Elle, I can’t-” I cut him off, leaned forward and kissed him, soft and slow. I pulled away before he could react and I repeated myself.

“I could never hate you.” 

“This just got interesting.” A voice came from behind us.


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