The Battle For The Rock

Two different groups of friends battle for the perfect hangout.


5. Marcus

I just noticed something about Alex that I never have before, when she cares about something, there’s nothing that can stop her from getting it.

We walked out from behind the waterfall to see Jade and Gabe arguing with The Grasshoppers. Now, for a little explanation of The Grasshoppers. Well, they all wear leather jackets, slick back their hair, and one more important detail, all of them are scrawny. Almost all of them are thin as twigs. How did they drive us out of our other hangout you may ask? I have no idea! One minute it was ours the next it was theirs!

“Marcus! What a surprise to see you here! Do you remember Chase, and Ardy?” their leader Butchie said.

“Unfortunately yes. I remember them.” I gave him a weak smile.” I watched as Butchie started to walk around taking everything in.

“Nice place you got here Marcus. Is it for sale?” he knew he was getting on my nerves, and he loved it. I was about to make a very sarcastic comment when Alex pushed past me and waltzed right up to Butchie.

“What would give you that idea?” she spat, disgusted.

Butchie took her in and smirked, then laughed, “Oh Marcus don’t tell me you finally got a girlfriend! I personally think that you could have done much better than a hothead like this one.” he practically said it like Alex wasn’t even there. I saw Alex’s face get red with embarrassment and anger.

That was it I had had enough of his crap. I lifted Butchie up by the front of his leather jacket and said,  “Don’t ever talk about her that way! She is nice and caring and sweet! Sure she can be a handful sometimes but she makes up for it, with kindness! Which seems to be a word that isn’t in your dictionary!” I was so angry I swear if I had heat vision Butchie would be a pile of ash, “And I swear if you ever insult her or any of my friends again I will personally hunt you down and make sure you will never say another word again am I clear?” Butchie gulped, then nodded, “Good. Now GO AWAY!”

I swear they were gone within the next two seconds. I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, “Why did you do that?” It was Alex.

I turned to face her, “Because it was the right thing to do.” I took a deep breath, “And because I kinda like you.” I was blushing which in turn caused her to blush.

“I kinda like you too.” Alex smiled and hugged me. I could hear Ariana and Thor swooning. I could also hear the sound of Jade tapping away on her phone.

“Jade your kind of ruining the moment.” Ariana pointed out.

Jade looked up for a minute, “I’m having my own moment with my boyfriend!” she then looked back down to her phone. This just caused Ariana to sigh.

“How about we go for a swim to celebrate.” Gabe exclaimed.

“I guess I could go for a swim just this once!” Remus smiled.

“I’m not going!” Jade and Ariana announced at the same time.

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