The Battle For The Rock

Two different groups of friends battle for the perfect hangout.


4. Alex

This has been the worst two months of my life. We have had to share The Rock with The Pegs. They are so messy! Sometimes I think it's on purpose. Once they left set mouse traps all over The Rock so we couldn’t go there! I swear Ariana almost lost a toe!

But we got them back. The next day we put blue dye in the pond! It would wash away but they would be blue for the next week!

It was time for our weekly meeting, it was just the group leaders, Marcus and I.

“So what’s your complaint this week.” Marcus said sarcastically as we met behind the waterfall. I retaliated with a fake laugh.

“We need to do something about this. We can’t keep this up forever and you know it.” I crossed my arms and waited patiently for his answer.

“What’s the point of us fighting for The Rock anyways? All we do is-” Marcus was cut off by Thor running in.

“Their taking The Rock!” Thor exclaimed.

“What? Who? Why?” Marcus and I questioned at the same time. We glanced at each other then looked back at Thor.

Thor was panting heavily, “The Grasshoppers! They’re back! They’ve come to take The Rock!”

“But, they took The Hideout!” Marcus exclaimed. I was pretty much just standing not understanding a word they were saying.

Marcus turned to me, “Now there’s no way either of us can have The Rock! Not with The Grasshoppers here! They’ll kick us out and keep The Rock all to themselves.” he looked so upset!

I put my hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him, “There is no way I’ll ever let them take The Rock!” he looked so grateful, “Now, we take back our hangout.”

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