The Battle For The Rock

Two different groups of friends battle for the perfect hangout.


3. Alex

The brown haired boy in the water was the first to speak, “We just found this place and thought that it would be a nice hangout. Our last one was stolen by some group called The Grasshoppers.”

So what! We were here first. It's our hangout, we even named it, “So what, We were here first! It’s our hangout, we even named it!”

The brown haired boy walked up to me, “We were here first!”

“Excuse me! When exactly did you get here? Oh, thats right, just NOW!” I got right up in his face.

“WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY!” he exclaimed. My ear started to hurt but I ignored it.

“I’M ALEX AND THESE ARE THE CORNS!” I defended myself and my friends. I wasn’t going to let this selfish jerk insult us! I was practically swimming in his big brown eyes. They were actually kind of dreamy-NO DON’T THINK LIKE THAT, “Who are you supposed to be?” I could feel everyone's eyes boring into the back of my head, Ariana’s, Gabe’s, and Remus’.

He gestured to his friends with his hand, “This is Thor and Jade, and we are The Pegs.”

“Listen here bub.” I was poking his chest with every word I said, “The Rock is ours. Don’t even think for a minute we want you here, got it?”

His eyes flashed with anger and deviousness, he made the most evil and heart melting smirk of all time, “I’m Marcus.” he said holding his hand out, “And I don’t think you're going to like us very much.”

Now it was my turn for my eyes flash with anger.

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