The Battle For The Rock

Two different groups of friends battle for the perfect hangout.


1. Alex

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” SPLASH! I should have expected Gabe to jump in. The spot really was beautiful. It was a small little pond with a miniature waterfall across the way. Across from the waterfall were some rocks we were standing on. It was in the middle of the forest so we were sure that nobody else could find it. “Come on guys! The water’s great.” Gabe’s blond head popped out of the water with that goofy smile on his face, those big blue eyes gave me the puppy dog look.

I groaned, “Fine.” I looked to my other friends, Ariana and Remus, “Are you coming?”

Ariana got a very concerned look, “I couldn’t possibly. The water might have leeches or I might get a rash because I’m allergic to something in the water! And then there's the chance I might...”

Gabe cut her off, “Chill out Ariana! You’ll be fine!”

“Actually there is a 90% chance that that water is polluted. So I suggest-” Remus continued but I just tuned him out like I always do. I looked back to Ariana, her big green eyes looked so worried. She’d never get in the water now. An evil smirk grew on my face as I got an idea.

“I’ll be right back.” I looked at Gabe and mentally told him what I was going to do. I turned around and started walking back the way we came. Then I suddenly turned around and shoved Ariana into the water. She screamed and flailed her arms. It was so funny! Gabe and I couldn’t stop laughing. I jumped in right after her.

When Ariana popped back up to the surface she was fuming, “What the heck! Alex! Why would you push me in!” I was still laughing so hard. I had to calm down a little before I could answer her.

But, Remus beat me to it, “Well, she obviously thought that pushing you in was the only way to get you in the water.” after he made his statement he went back to reading his book about the history of some place called Hogwarts.

Ariana pursed her lips and blushed from embarrassment, “I would’ve jumped in.” she muttered.

“Yeah just like Gabe took a shower this morning.” I stated sarcastically. Now it was Gabe’s turn to be embarrassed.

“Hey, I took a shower yesterday!” that just made us all laugh even more. We spent the next few hours there.

It was almost dark when Remus said, “Alright I think it’s time for the Corns to get home.”

We all nodded in agreement. When we all got out of the pond and dried off Gabe asked, “Hey, why are we called the Corns anyways?”

“Don’t you remember? We met because we all loved unicorns. So we called ourselves the Corns to remind us how we all became friends.” Ariana said smiling.

“Yeah. It sounds kinda silly now but it was awesome back then!” I stated. I looked at our new hangout, “We should give it a name.”

Gabe raised his eyebrow, “Give what a name?”

“This place!” I exclaimed as if it was obvious, “How about…” I thought a bit, “The Fist!”

Ariana immediately started shaking her head like crazy, “No! To scary and mean!.” she started thinking, then her face lit up with an idea, “How about the Magic Meadow!”

Remus pushed his glasses up higher on his nose, “That obviously wouldn’t work because it is obviously not a meadow. In fact there is nothing here even relating to a meadow.” he placed his hand on his chin stroking an imaginary beard, it was a weird thing to experience, “How about The Rock? It connects with the place, and it sounds um… cool?”

All of our mouths were gaping open, “Did you just.. Say cool?” Gabe questioned.

“I believe I did, yes.” Remus nodded making an uncertain smile.

Ariana stepped forward, “I like it!” she looked at Remus and blushed. He blushed back. It was just a huge blush fest until Gabe spoke up.

“So… are we going home or not? Come on Ariana mom’s probably worried sick.”

“Yeah and my dad with probably have a cow.” I agreed.

“Why don’t we meet here tomorrow at… lets say noon.” Remus offered.

We all nodded showing our agreement. With that we turned and headed for home, not wanting to wait until tomorrow.

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