Into the Ocean

After the war with Gaia, the son of Poseidon has come home. He didn't quite expect to find a sister waiting for him.


4. Three

Percy led me down to the main cabin area, where people were smiling and chatting to one another.

He pointed to a girl with curly blonde hair. "See her? That's Annabeth." He smiled fondly. "She's my girlfriend."

"Is she nice?"

He paused. "Yes. But she is very intimidating, and I was scared stuff of her when I first got to camp."

I laughed at the idea of Percy being scared of anybody. "And who else? That's literally one person."

Percy laughed. "Well, there's Will Solace in Apollo cabin, he's probably in the infirmary - healing, hopefully - Connor and Travis Stoll in Hermes, they're not twins, but nobody can tr the difference. Clarissa, Ares, sort of my friend, try not to get on her bad side or she'll probably electrocute you with L - maimer. Maimer. Her spear. Yeah. And then Nico DiAngelo, Hades - our cousin, I guess - he's probably in the infirmary, too, being healed. He's about your age, we found him when he was nine." A shadow passed over his face. "But anyway. Then there's Piper, head of Aphrodite, some of her siblings can be very loud and a bit vain sometimes, but generally they're alright. Then there's Jason and Thalia, Zeus. Jason's technically a son of Juliter, and Thalia doesn't go here - she used to be that tree up there, then she came back to life and joined the Hunters of Artemis - and Frank and Hazel, Pluto and Mars on the Roman side. Oh, and Reyna, daughter of Bellona, Roman praetor. She won't be here much, but she's pretty cool. Scary, but cool."

He grinned, slightly unnervingly. "Then there's my best mate, the half goat." I must have looked surprised, because he chuckled. "He's a satyr, and he's awesome. Grover Underwood, kid of nature and goats. And Tyson. He's a Cyclopes, a great guy. He's our brother."


"Yeah. But he's friendly, don't worry."

It seemed like he had more friends than that, more names he wanted to reel off on his list, but he didn't. Maybe he couldn't. I hadn't exactly been there in the action of the battle, but there were probably a lot who had been hurt, and after the war is been told about from last summer... It was kind of worrying.

"Okay. Well, I'd organised to do a bit of climbing practice with a couple of Demeter kids, so if you want to come feel free, but..." I shifted awkwardly.

"I'm not all that good at climbing, really," he laughed. "I'll see you later - meet me in the cabin just before dinner?"


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