Into the Ocean

After the war with Gaia, the son of Poseidon has come home. He didn't quite expect to find a sister waiting for him.


1. Shock Horror at Sister Scandal!

On this day, Percy Jackson returned to his summer camp to find the greatest surprise of them all.... A SISTER?

Great shock for him, what will happen next?

I'll tell you what happens next, and since it's a bit of a long story, I'd suggest you sit down. You sitting? I don't care if you are or not, but don't blame me if you fall over. (Actually, do blame me. I'm so clumsy that is probably possible for me to knock you over from this page. Yay!)

My name is Ella Darling, and my brother just found out I exist. Journalists, get your pens at the ready, this will make one hell of a story.

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