Into the Ocean

After the war with Gaia, the son of Poseidon has come home. He didn't quite expect to find a sister waiting for him.


2. One

"Who are you?" Asked the boy (who I assumed was Percy, the guy I'd been told was my brother).

"That's a great way to introduce yourself to your sister," I laughed. He glared at me. "All right, all right. My names Ella Darling, daughter of Poseidon. If you haven't worked it out, I'm your sister."

"Oh yeah?" He challenged. "I was never told this."

I rolled my eyes. I mean, I'd heard he was a bit of a seaweed brain, but I didn't think he would seem to think I was a monster or something. After all, I got through the barrier just fine. "Chiron thought you had enough on your mind already, didn't want to worry you. I guess he also didn't think you would doubt me."

He stared at me for a bit, then relaxed. "Okay. I'll go talk to him. Come with me."

"Sure thing, bro."

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