The Unforgiving Tale of Asgard

Allie Freyr is like any other teenager trying to find her foothold on life. At least she would, but the fact that both of her parents were once wizards from another realm complicates her life. Especially when there's a prophecy and a curse waiting on the helms to ruin her family.


1. Prologue

The Unforgiving Tale of Asgard

a story by Carter Jones


Chapter 1:  Prologue                                                           


     Sometimes I wonder whether journaling even matters.  I’m sure all of those other teenagers out there are busy typing about love and first this, first time that.  I guess in a way, what I do write has a sense of familiarity that most would understand if context were to be vague.  For example:  there are those days in which I can sit here, wonder about life and the meaning I myself bring into it.  Why am I here?  Why do I exist?  I mean, that’s pretty cliché.  I’m sure most would kill to get a chance to speak to Fate himself in order to find out.  That is, assuming that Fate is a person…let alone a man.  However, I would be willing to wager that I perhaps am living proof that Fate can have a sense of humor, and…there’s probably nothing I can do about it.  You see, my family isn’t a traditional family of Smiths and Jones.  My mom and dad came from a dimension called Asgard, a void world where all sorts of demonic things happen.  You can say they are wizards that escaped the clutches of a cruel reality by researching other worlds, and so they found Earth.  They escaped to our reality, a world without magic…a world without demons.  However, in their escape they found themselves cursed not through some nefarious deed caused by another, but as a side-effect from their crossing the realms. 

     Before I get into what the curse is, allow me to introduce my family.  My name is Allie Freyr.  I’m a 17 year old girl and a senior in high school.  Some say I’m relatively short for being a girl at 5’5” but hey I’m okay with that.  That only means that my first kiss gets to be me on my tippie-toes, staring up at my love with love-lust eyes while he holds me with his strong arms, looking down as he gently goes for a kiss-ahem…sorry.  I suppose I have grand dreams and I have not had my first boyfriend yet, nor my first kiss, as I just said.  I’m a manga nerd that goes to Brownstown High, a school infested with kids that love to follow trends and belittle anyone that’s any different.  Plus, I’m kind of…’husky’ if I may say so myself.  You would think that being a typical fair-skinned blonde with pretty blue eyes, someone would fall in love with me for my other fabulous features?  Blah, whatever.  All I need in life is my family.

     Dad and Mom’s names are Jacob and Sicily Freyr, respectively.  Both are funny and quirky in their own way, with dad being an inventor that enjoys tinkering with gadgets here and there.  Mom is a sociologist (a hobby, honestly) which is interesting because I believe she is the ONLY one that has not fully embraced human behavior.  Just today she said “Honey, I ask of you to please make physical contact with my cheeks using your surrounding smooch apparatus.  I believe the humans call it a peck on the cheek.” Case in point.  Now that I think about it, it makes total sense that Mom studies sociology...what a dweeb.

     Although yes, my parents are wizards, they weren’t always human as you would expect from your ‘Harry Potters’ of the world.  Back in Asgard, my parents were mouthless golems that were brought to life because that’s just what erupting volcanoes do to boulders every once in a while…they make magical golems.  As my father studied Earth, he recognized that humans were the race they wanted to emulate were they to cross over, so they transformed into who they are today using the magicks they used in Asgard.  Hey, I don’t care if you don’t believe me, random person reading my journal.  

     And Dad, well, he misses magic.  He has a personal belief that somehow he can ‘invent’ it again using his tech and although he has made a name for himself with his company Golem Corp (Haha…yes…he did), it’s only just a means to an end.  The best gadgets he has made are not sold nor introduced to the human market, rather he likes to keep them stored away in our home away from public eyes.  He does not think humans are ready for the technology he has developed…such as alchemy-like machines that turn something…into something else.

     And then there’s my little brother, Luke Freyr.  He’s 14 years old and already a popular brat in his Freshman class.  For every negative physical quality I have, he has the opposite.  He has unkempt dark brown hair, light blue eyes, fair skin like myself, and although he is 5’4” right now, he is looking ready to surpass me given Dad is 5’11”.  The little monkey is a female attraction too, as all of the girls at school consistently look at him as if they’re ready to rape the fucker.  My one and only friend Kalie is also in love with him for god knows why...I mean he’s SUCH a brat.  He gives me shit all of the time and is always willing to go through lengths to embarrass me at school in front of all of the cliques by saying I’m adopted all of the time, hence “why I am fat and look nothing like him.”  That’s okay though, because I always get him at home with some sort of practical prank like the ol’ classic bucket-of-water-on the-door, fall-on-victim-when-door-opens special.  I think he’s fallen prey to that I think…ten times.  Last year.

     But see, he’s also the reason why I started this journal, and why I am in such a state of depression.  I love my brother to death and would never wish harm on him despite the fact that he’s such a nasty little shit all of the time.  In between the nasty words at school to look cool and the practical pranks at home, we share our concerns with each other all of the time.  And not counting my bestie Kalie, he is the only one that understands who I am…and this depression. 

     When my parents crossed over to Earth, they brought along their only child: me.  And as if Fate were to have anything to do with it, he punished us by bestowing a curse upon on our family – a curse that doubles as a prophecy.  Back in the other dimension it was prophesied that Dad and Mom would raise a child that would bring hope and change to Asgard, and that this child would be their only child.  These prophecies have never failed.  And they have always come true.  My parents disliked the realm of Asgard as there was no peace, and the ever-foreboding climate of war sent them looking for something new.  Although they knew that moving to Earth was selfish as I was the only chance the realm had at real change, they were not willing to risk having me raised with blood and death around me. 

     What’s more: they wanted a second child and if the prophecy is to be strictly interpreted, it means I, or my brother, would encounter an unknown consequence for living as an anomaly in order to keep it true. 

     My parents lived in peace knowing that we now lived on Earth, a realm where the magic of Asgard has no jurisdiction.  That is until last month, when we encountered Fate himself.

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