Death Eaters

A month has passed since Malia has been recruited to become a death eater, a month has passed since her best friend was murdered right in front of her. Lets just say a lot can happen in a month, now Malia has to get her morals in check while still maintaining a perfect school life and death eater life.
Editing by @ Nightshadecreepypasa
//Sequel to Malia Black//


9. Chapter 9

Malia's POV


I gasped and checked my pocket to make sure both wands were still in tact and when i felt they were I let out a huge breath of relief. Ron was rubbing his head and then just stared at me. 

"Your bleed-

"Why the fuck did you do that?" I spat cutting him off. 

"Malia your bleeding" He said ignoring me. He moved closer to me and started dabbing his cloak into the small wound on my wand arm. I winced as it hurt. I also have a massive headache. However I pulled away from Ron and started to gather my things. 

"Now, now. What is going on?" He asked seriously. 

"Nothing okay I cant talk about it" I said quickly. I went to mount my broom but tripped and landed flat on the floor. At this point my head is gonna explode from being knocked around so much. Ron rushed to my side to help me up. 

"What happen Malia? Your becoming your old self again.." he said quietly

"I need..."

"You need what? I can help you!"  

"I need" I tried to say but I slowly started to slip in and out of  consciousness.


"I need you." I gasped and closed my eyes. 


I awoke what felt like a few minutes later and started to panic when I realized that the sun was almost up. I seen Ron but ignored him and tried to get up and grab my broom. However I must have hit my head really hard because I was like a little wounded dear, I could barley function and it was like the world was moving in slow motion. I felt as if half of me was weighed down like a ton of bricks and half of me was as light as a feather. I started towards the broom and fell on-top of a sleeping Ronald. As he woke up startled I started to realize that I was in his dorm room. He was sleeping on the floor next to his bed and I was on his bed well at least I thought I was. 

"Are you okay?" He asked quietly as he sat up and wrapped his arms around me. 

I cant function that well but I have to tell him

"I need you to take me to Malfoy Manner" I breathed 

"Bloody hell Malia no way! Your not going there or anywhere for awhile not until your better" He said worriedly. 

"I don't give a fuck, either you take me or I take myself" I said trying to get up. 

"Why is this so important that you go to the manner?"

"Because I have training" I said a little too quickly 

He raised his eyebrows but proceeded to get up. He picked me up and put me back in his bed, and since I was so out of it I was able to just fall asleep within a matter of seconds. 


When I awoke I had a pounding headache. Fuck I need some Ibuprofen. I look around and see that I'm still in the boy's dorm and its empty except for Neville. Who for some odd reason was staring intently at me. 





"Neville why are you staring at me?" I asked completely perplexed about this situation. 

He took a minute and said slowly as if he was talking to someone completely out of it. 

"Ron had to get you medicine for your head, apparently on your third attempt of leaving you hit it. He told me to watch you and make sure you didn't leave. Are you feeling okay?" 

I hit my head? When did that happen..

"What time is it?" I asked ignoring Neville's question

"It's about 10:30. How are you feeling?" He asked again. Fuck I have shit for Cora. CORA. I smile as the thought of my best friend alive came to mind. 

I quickly started to get up but started to stumble as I begin to walk. One step, two steps, left, right. Come on Malia. I think I can start to avoid this dizziness and walk to my broo- 

"FUCK!" I exclaim as I loose my balance and fall onto the floor. Neville rushed to help me up as the room started to spin around us. 

"Where is Ron" Neville mumbled as he helped me up. I can barley stand so he kinda just scoops me up into his arms. He is obviously struggling but decided to by-pass the bed and start carrying me towards the common room. I closed my eyes trying to block out the constant spinning of the room around me, also to try avoiding puking all over poor Neville. 

"Ron bloody hell there you are! Help a mate out, I think she needs to auctually see Madame Pomfrey on this one. She can barley stand." He said as he handed me over to Ron, who had a much firmer grip on me then poor Neville. 

Ron started to carry me out of the common room with Neville behind. I didnt say anything and I still had my eyes closed as I didnt want to cover anyone in vomit. 

This headache is just getitng worse and I'm auctually getting a little worried, I feel myself starting to drift into a sleep. 

"Guys... please.....hurry" I mutterd. Ron's pace quickned from a walk to a speed walk. Within minutes I was in a bed across the castle. 

"Madam Pomfrey, she hit her head a few hours ago and she can hardly walk or talk since... can you make sure shes ok?" I heard Ron ask. 

Madam Pomfrey did a quick search and then sighed. 

"Boys she fell she didnt get hit in the head with a bludger. It's just a bit of a headache, she needs rest and maybe some pain killers. Here love take theese" She said handing me some pills. I took them and downed them within a second. 

"Are you sure im going to be ok?" I asked 

"Yes but you need rest. You can rest here for now until your well enough to walk back to your house" She said as she stared at the boys. 

"Can I stay here with her?" Ron asked nervously. 

"I don't believe that will be necssary." Madam Pomfrey said as she started to show them the door.

The boys left after putting up a little bit of a fight with her. In that time I made a plan to get back to the manner.



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