Death Eaters

A month has passed since Malia has been recruited to become a death eater, a month has passed since her best friend was murdered right in front of her. Lets just say a lot can happen in a month, now Malia has to get her morals in check while still maintaining a perfect school life and death eater life.
Editing by @ Nightshadecreepypasa
//Sequel to Malia Black//


5. Chapter 5

Malia's POV


"Do you have any proof of this?" I asked 

"Well no but-"

"Then how bout you shut the fuck up before-" 

My bedroom door swung open revealing aunt Narcissia. She had a stern look on her normally some what kind face. Bellatrix must be here, that's just great. 

"Malia, Draco. We must go for your lessons and a brief discussion. Can you come with me now?" She asked 

"Ah yes mother" Draco said as he started to follow her out, slipping a glare at me. I naturally glared back and followed them out to where Bellatrix was. 

"Ah yes Malia. You didn't think you could get away from your lessons that easy did you?"

I looked at Bellatrix and decided to muster up the best smile I could. I chuckled and replied with 

"No I was just sick, that's all. I apologize." 

Narcissia smiled and replied 

"That's alright dear, just don't let it happen again."

We started lessons with just some of the basic dark magic stuff. I caught on to it fairly quickly. Draco was also learning a little bit too, which was sort of funny, because I actually caught on quicker then he did. Eventually we finished up and it was quite late at night. I decided to just sleep at the manner for the night, then do one light lesson with narcissia and bellatrix in the morning. Draco decided to do the same. After the light lesson I will just head back to school.

As I slipped into my sweat pants I decided I should probably set an alarm on my phone. Once I did that, I fluffed up my pillow and curled up into bed, falling asleep. 


"Malia? Malia! Wake up" Draco said in a hurried whisper. This made me open my eyes and pulled me out of my slumber. Annoyed, I shot him a glare.

"The fuck do ya want?" I spat. 

"Well you don't have to be so rude. Any-ways I seen Cora again." 

"Can I have some?"

"What?" He asked as confusion spread across his face.

"Well what ever your on, I would like some. So can I have some?" I repeated. He chuckled a sarcastic chuckle then continued on:

"I seen her. I stayed up when I knew she'd come out and I seen her." 


"Stay up and you'll see her too. But I'm tired so I'm going back to bed. Night." He said leaving. 

Asshole, only comes to wake me up to tell me to stay awake. However I do try to stay awake but I got so tired and my eyelids grew heavy, I fell fast asleep. 



I heard something move, I slowly opened my eyes. That's when I saw her...




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