Death Eaters

A month has passed since Malia has been recruited to become a death eater, a month has passed since her best friend was murdered right in front of her. Lets just say a lot can happen in a month, now Malia has to get her morals in check while still maintaining a perfect school life and death eater life.
Editing by @ Nightshadecreepypasa
//Sequel to Malia Black//


10. Chapter 10

Malia's POV


It must be around 12:00 PM. Madame Pomfrey thinks I'm asleep, I am alone in here. I quickly get up and start to sprint for the door. I pulled the handle and booked it to the end of the hall. I did it, I made it out. My headache is gone and I'm feeling okay too. I start to run as fast as I can towards the broom closet where I last kept my broom but of course it wasnt there. 

That fucking bastard. Ron took it and made sure I couldnt go to the manner, he also has my wand, Cora's wand and our cell phones. Asshole. I start to run towards Gryffindor and I pratically growl the password to the fat lady. The door swings open and I run past a group of second years. I throw open the boy's dormitory and see Harry, Ron and Neville all talking. 

"You ass! I hate you so much right now, you knew I had somewhere to be so you take my broom, and keep it here as well as my stuff! I can't believe you would do this." I snapped at Ron as I grabbed my broom and the other items. 

Ron stood up to protest and when he opned his mouth to protest I shot him the dirtiest glare I could muster. 

"Harry Neville, I aplogize you both had to hear that." I said as I turned and ran out the door. I ran out of Gryffindor and didnt stop until I got outside. I mounted the broom and before anyone could stop me I started to go at a speed that certainly beat a record of mine. 

I was at the manner within 7 quick minutes 

I acted like everything was normal when I got there, but when I got to my room, I locked the door and pryed my way through the elf door. I started to follow a path that by some miracle took me to where the elves are. I started to look around and one pointed me towards a very small cupboard. I walked over to it and opned it. There was Cora with my blanket, sleeping peacefully. How can she even fit in here and not be in pain?

"Cora wake up" I said quietly 

She stirred but her eyes fluttered open. 

"Mal?" She asked confused 

"I have a gift for you" I said as I handed her, her wand as well as cell phone. 

"You went back to school and got it? Your the best" She said as she got up and gave me a big hug.

"That's not all. I plan to get you out of here, now." I said quietly. Her eyes widened as she went to protest. 

"Nope your not going to protest this one. Here drink this" I said as I handed her a tiny vile of poly-juice potion (I had made some previously a month ago to play a prank on Ron.) Except this little bit had a tiny strand of platnim blonde hair. She drank it unwillingly and within a minute Draco was standing in-front of me. I chuckled as she looked puzzled. 

"I don't understand?" 

"Oh trust me just don't talk and we will have you out of here in minutes. Where is Draco?" I asked a house elf.

"He was in his room whining about Harry Potter a few minutes ago. He probably still is now" The elf said. I thanked it as I started to walk Cora to my room. 

"Mal what did the potion do?" She asked 

It's honestly so fucking funny watching Draco talk and hearing Cora's voice. 

We enterd my room and Cora stood staring in the mirror completly dumbfounded. 

"Malia am I.. Draco?" She asked horrified. 

"for the next half an hour yes, just dont talk I'll be right back." I said as I grabbed my wand and sprinted across the manner to Draco's room. I walked in and seen him reading a book on his bed. He looked up and sighed. 

"Have you seen Cora?" He asked

"Obliviate." I said pointing his wand at him. I made it so he forgets all about Seeing Cora the other night, in his mind shes still dead. I grabbed some of Draco's dirty robes from off the floor then mumbled something about laundry. 

"Hmm?" Draco asked puzzled.

"I gotta shit." I said as I left shutting the door behind me. As soon as I shut the door I ran to my room and seen the other Draco checking herself out by playing with her / his hair. 

"Cora what are you doing?" I asked laughing 

"I thought he'd look better with his hair pushed back but I think it looks better normal" She laughed fixing it. I handed her the robes and she put them on right away. 

"Ok lets go" I said as we started to walk out of my room. I handed her Draco's broom and I had mine. We started for the large doors to the outside. As we were leaving I seen Aunt Narcissia, she walked over and stood in-front of us.

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