Death Eaters

A month has passed since Malia has been recruited to become a death eater, a month has passed since her best friend was murdered right in front of her. Lets just say a lot can happen in a month, now Malia has to get her morals in check while still maintaining a perfect school life and death eater life.
Editing by @ Nightshadecreepypasa
//Sequel to Malia Black//


1. Chapter 1

Malia's POV


"Ah yes, Malia, any news on the Potter boy? Have you gotten close to him?" Voldemort asked. I took a deep breath and exhaled, scanning the table of all the death eaters.

"Not much, no," I replied calmly.

I should probably explain, it's been a month since Cora has died and since I have been forced into being a death eater. So now I'm double crossing them. 

"Malia, you need to start on this!" Bellatrix snapped. 

I went to say a bitchy remark, but instead, I just pulled out a cigarette from my pack and lit it up. I took a nice long puff, and blew it right in her face. She scrunched up her face in disgust. A small smile danced across my face as I took another hit. 

See, smoking is my new way to self restraint, because if I didn't do something other then smoking, then I'd just bitch everyone out and blow all my cover. Making this the most pointless thing I've ever done. My true motivation for doing this is to avenge Cora's death, I want them to suffer and if I can't make them suffer, then I'll sure as hell kill them myself.

The death eaters continued on with their meeting, as I started to try and remember all of their names. Draco still hasn't spoken at any meetings, but he's been really off since Cora's death. He feels responsible, if he would have just apprated her away when he had the chance, instead of him torturing her to save his ass, which I still haven't forgiven him for. 

Draco isn't the only one who's been going through a hard time with Cora's death. Every fucking night I swear to god I hear her, if I'm here then I feel her presence, if I'm at school then I see her in dreams. She's always smiling and laughing as if everything's okay, then Draco appears, and I'm in the room where she was murdered again, then I wake up screaming and crying. 

I snapped back to reality, fuck I gotta remember these names! I like to keep a list at school so I know who Harry should look out for. I aggressively took another puff of cigarette, and blew it aimlessly.

"Fuck," I mumbled under my breath. The death eater meetings are boring and stupid. It's basically a little club for Voldemort, where he just talks major shit about Harry. I continued to smoke my cigarette, when I realized that everyone was staring at me. I flicked the last of the cigarette off and said a slightly annoyed, "What?"

"Malia, did you hear any word I just said?"  Voldemort said annoyed.

"No, sorry," I replied, trying to mask the annoyance in my voice. 

"Ugh, well as I was saying, since you're very powerful, you're going to need to start training and learning in dark magic. Your mother is going to be your teacher, you will meet her at the manner every Thursday night at 8:00 pm sharp," he said.

For fucks sake, now I have to have regular meetings with the bitch and work on dark magic, just fan-fuckin'-tastic. 

"Fine," I said. 

He finally finished the meeting and I flew back to school. Its only about 7:30 so I can still enjoy a little bit of my Saturday night. After about an hour of roaming the corridors I started to get tired, but on my way towards my common room I found Ron and Harry. I started to tell them about Voldmort's plans and I remember saying something about not being able to sleep for like three days straight then everything went black.

Ron's POV

"Malia, are you okay?" Harry asked. She started to sway and close her eyelids.

"Yeah I'm fine, just tired no sleep in three da-" She started to fall forwards, and I jumped to catch her, I caught her but she was definitely sleeping. Shit.

"Oi, Harry she's out cold. What do we do with her?" I asked.

"We can bring her to Gryffindor I guess, but she's not sleeping in my bed," Harry said quickly.

"Ok, fine Ill sleep in your bed, she sleeps, in my bed and you sleep with Neville," I said laughing. 

"Oh god no! I'll sleep in the common room before I'll sleep with Neville!" Harry said defensively. I rolled my eyes and picked Malia up bridal style.

"Well lets go then," I said, as we started to walk towards Gryffindor.

When we finally got there the joke was over, we really didn't know where to put Malia. We didn't want to leave her in the common room in case she woke up, or in case someone else seen her and got her in trouble. So it really came down to someone sleeping on the floor or someone sleeping with Neville. 

I held onto her as Harry pulled up the covers of my bed, after Harry moved away from the bed, I put her down and pulled the blankets up. She stirred a little bit but didn't wake up, I made sure she looked comfortable. I decided to take the floor. As I was going to lie down on the floor next to the bed, Malia stirred again and mumbled something. I stood up and she groaned and reached out, grabbing onto my arm tightly. 

"Harry, mate, bit of a problem over here," I whispered, but he obviously was already fast asleep and didn't hear me. Man her grip on me is tight. I tried to wiggle out of it, but she started to pull me in bed next to her. She's obviously asleep, as her eyes are closed and she has deep breathing. I gave up and curled up next to her, I do enjoy cuddling with her after all. I then fell into a nice deep sleep.

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