Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


25. Together?

Lacey's POV


I woke up the next morning hearing knocking on my door.

"WHAT!" I yelled.

"Lace get your lazy ass up." I heard a familiar voice say. I jumped up and ran to the door.

"TOMMY!" I yelled and saw his face right outside of my door.

"I missed you! Oh my gosh!" I said as I hugged him.

"I missed you too. How have you been?"

"I'm goooood! Omg I missed you." I repeated and hugged him again.

"Good job man." Jackson came and fist pumped Tommy.

Jackson and Tommy both wrapped their arms around me.

"I don't need to have you both hugging me." I laughed. "On second thought I'm fine."

"Let me go change." I said and ran inside. I put on a sweater and leggings and ran back out.

They both talked as we sat on the couch. All of a sudden, Luke came to my mind.

"Shit." I whispered.

"You ok?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." I said and he looked at me weird.

"No you're not." He said. 

"Tommy. I am. Stop." I said.

"Lace. Don't hide anything from me." He said. 

"Stop! I'm fine!" I said louder. 

"Bro. Stop." Jackson said. 

"Lacey just tell me!" He said. 

"WHEN I WANT TO, I WILL!" I yelled and got up. I walked out and went into the elevator. 

I sat on the bench outside with tears coming down my cheek. 

"Lace." I heard Jackson say. I knew Tommy wouldn't come out. "I told him it wasn't cool. What he did." 

"Jay he wouldn't leave me alone!" I said and he hugged me. 

"Yeah..." He said and kissed my forehead.

"When your ready, let us know. Or him, whatever." He said. 

"Once he leaves I'll tell you. I'm not planning on telling him while he's here." I said and he nodded. 

"Let's go inside?" He asked and took my hand. 

"Lacey..." Tommy said and I looked at him. 

"Can you come out with me?" He asked. I sighed and walked out with him.

"I'm sorry... but this won't work." He said and I raised my eyebrows. 

"We are too far apart. And it's hard. Not knowing what's going on with you. And I need someone over there too." He said. 

"You're breaking up with me?" I asked. 

"I'm sorry." 

"No it's ok. I was going to do the same." I said and walked in. I grabbed his bags and placed them outside of the door, and shut it. 

"What happened?" Jackson asked and handed me a mug of coffee.

"He broke up with me." I said wiping a tear. It was still sad, even though I wanted it to happen. 

"He seemed a bit off today. I don't know what's going on with him." Jack said and hugged my side.

"SOO now I guess I'll tell you." I said and started to explain Luke.

"I know I'm not in charge of you or anything... but I wanna meet him." He said and I laughed. "You know... before you get serious or whatever."

"Yeah. That's fine bud." I said as I sipped my coffee.

"I didn't want to break up with Tommy because it would mean I'd have to lose you. Since you're his best friend."

"You wouldn't lose me because of him. You're another person than him. Besides, it seems like I'm closer to you now than he is." He said and I nodded and smiled.

"Well now that all of that is over. Let's go out." I said and he nodded as we grabbed our jackets and walked out.


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