Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


7. Trevelyan- My Favorite Treat

I texted my parents, letting them know that the girls and I were going onto the next round. My stomach growled- I was still hungry. 

"I'm going to find more food for my tummy," I said as Jay came out from the bathroom. The girls all nodded, staring into space and at their phones.

Somehow, I made my way through a crowd of people and to the food table in one piece. As soon as I got there, I saw it- a plate of watermelon. Someone else apparently had already claimed the plate too, because, when I reached out for the plate, someone else did to. 

I looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Hey," I said, my voice coming out in a whisper.

"Hey," the stranger whispered back. He had an Australian accent. Fun, fun, fun. 

"So, are you going to let go of my plate or what?"


"But it's watermelon."


I sighed.

"Why are we whispering?" His voice made my "accent" sound lame.

"I don't know..... Why aren't you letting go of my favorite treat?" My voice was no longer a whisper- it didn't need to be. I just needed food to eat, but it had to be this kind. I don't really know why- I needed the watermelon.

"Well, I'm Luke," he said, holding out the hand that wasn't on the plate. 

"Trevelyan, or Trey," I said, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you." Both hands were off the plate now.

"Nice to beat you." 

I walked away, the plate in my hands.

"What's with the goofy smile and red cheeks?" Alana asked me once I sat down.

"Shut up."

"And who is sitting next to you, looking at the watermelon your eating, red and angry?"

"Yes, Trey." Luke's Australian accent hit me. "Why is he red and angry?"

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