Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


4. Trevelyan - I'm Not A Piece Of Cake

 I had finally unpacked the last out of more than 100 boxes. There was a cake waiting for me in the refrigerator. Empty boxes and buckets of paint were strewn everywhere. TBBTWW was here, here in town. TBBTWW was here and I was entering in with the rest of the girls - Alana, Jay, and Mari. Honestly, I didn't think that we had a plan, but I won the bet. I always won bets.

 The best thing about this, I had moved out. No four other boys that I needed to worry about to bother me. Just me, music, art, nature, and some peace and quiet. Well, at least until someone decided to knock on my door.

I picked up a knife and opened the fridge, pulling out my favorite food ever. Cake.

Cake was another thing my life revolved around. Also watermelon. I would bury my face in watermelon. Don't ask me why, because I won't answer. You just get watermelon and cake, and you've got me.

The slice of cake was halfway done when my peace and quiet left. Someone had knocked on the door. I leaned against the blasted thing.

"Who dares to knock on the sacred door of Treyopolis?" I asked loudly. Yes, I named my house, there's nothing I can do about it, and no one has judged me yet.

"Treyopolis?" the stranger's voice questioned. I looked through my blinds. 

That voice didn't belong to a stranger. It was someone who I didn't want to talk too.

"Go away, Jackson," I stated plainly, about to walk away from the door.

"Trey." His voice stopped me, just like it did years ago. If it was years ago, then why was he back now?


"I'm sorry."

"Nice." I replied, "'Dearest Trevelyan, I'm coming to say I'm sorry for cheating and breaking up with you after four years, two months, and twelve days exactly, and I'm coming to ask if you will take me back?'"

"Pretty much, yeah."

I opened the door, the plate still in my hand, not empty. Bad thing.

"How about...... no."

I slammed the door, making my answer clear, and walked up the stairs. There were now two more slices of cake for me to eat on my plate.


(Written By Moronica )

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