Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


16. Jaiden - Song

Spin the Bottle didn't end well.

“Next time, it's Truth or Dare," said Alana.

The guys seemed to like that idea.

“Tomorrow night?” asked Michael.

“Sure, we’ll have Chinese,” Trey said.

They nodded and left.

Mari and I ended up cleaning up the house.

“Why do we have to clean it?” she asked.

“'Cause they others ditched.”

An hour later the house was clean.

“Goodnight!” I called to the girls. My window curtains were open. I looked into the room next door, but it looked the same.

Suddenly, the door opened and in came Calum in nothing but a towel.

I couldn't look away. I was taken aback that the idea of a guy with nothing on could- and would- be there.

He looked up, surprised at first, but then he smirked. Walking over to his window, he winked before shutting his curtains.

I couldn't believe that he just saw me looking at him- in nothing but a towel.

I flopped back on my bed, embarrassed.


My alarm blared. Changing on to my dance clothes, I pounded on the others door.

“Get up, we need to practice.”

Getting an apple, I headed to the basement.

Hooking up my phone, I found the playlist that us girls made. I began to warm up, turning the music up as high as possible, and the girls slowly got up to join me.

Aaron’s favorite song comes on. I hadn't heard it since the last time we played it together in his car.

I couldn't move, not even when I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. I just stared at the speakers.

My blood pounded with the drums of the music. The lyrics were memorized, carved into my mind.

Alana turned it off, and the quietness felt louder than the blasting music.

“Jay?” she said.

Shoving the feeling away, thinking of something else, I tried to speak.

I did the only thing I knew. I changed the song playlist and we started dancing.


Hours later, we were hot, but we had the song for the next round, and the opening portion of the routine done.

Trey’s phone beeped. She read it before saying, “The guys bought us lunch.”

We all headed to the stairs.

I stopped halfway. “You guys go ahead. I’m not hungry.”

“You haven't ate all…,” Alana started to say, but Mari put her hand on her shoulder. “Come on," she said to Alana.

Alana glanced back at me. “If you get hungry come up.”

Their footsteps fading, I walked back to the basement. I turned the music back up.

I practiced some more, until I almost had it down. Then, I messed up on a move again. I sat on the ground, cursing. 

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