Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


10. Jaiden - Moving In

I was all packed and ready to move in the condo. Even if we were only to make it to the next round, I would be happy. Happy to show off our skills.

I graved over the photo of Aaron that I keep under my pillow.

I had two bags packed. If I needed more clothes, I could borrow from the girls.

A knock! came at my door. Turning, I saw my mother standing there at my door. How long had she been watching?

“Are you sure about this?” she asked as I put the photo into my bag.

“I’ll be with the girls.” I said, which was my way of saying yes. 

“Aaron would be proud. No, he is proud.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I said, hugging her.

“Gabe!” my mom called for my step-dad.

He came in the door. “Only those two?” he asked.

“Yea’. If I need something more, I’m sure one of the girls will have it.”

“The girls are out there waiting,” he added.

I stood up. “Well, this is it.” My eyes got misty, but a happy kind of misty.

“You girls will do great, I have a feeling,” my mom said before hugging and kissing me.


We pull up to the condo in her car. Getting out, we all raced to get to our rooms before coming back to get our stuff.

Alana was staring in the trunk of the car. “Alana, what are you…,” I trailed off when I look in the trunk. Inside was a huge trunk, like the kind students take when going to Hogwarts. “How the hell did you get that in there?” I asked.

“Help. Lots and lots of help,” she said.

“What do you have in there?” I asked, but already knew the answer.

Clothes. That is my clothes one.” She then called for Trey and Mari. With two girls on each side, we grabbed and tried to lift it, and we did, but not enough to get it out of the trunk of the car.

“How are we going to get that out?” Mari asked, right when a car pulled up.

“Hi, neighbors!” Ashton said, getting out of the car. Looking over, I watched as Calum got out of the backseat. He glanced over and saw me watching him. I quickly looked away.

“Hey, can you guys help me?” Alana asked and smiled as sweet as she could.

“Sure!” Ashton said. He looked in the trunk and I could tell he was thinking the same thing as I was.

The guys make there way over, and I glanced at Calum, but was surprised to see him already looking at me.

Alana showed the guys what she needed help with, but I only noticed the fact that Calum had chosen to stand next to me. Unfriendly words were said as they realized how heavy her trunk is. I reached for a corner of the trunk right when Calum reached for it. I grabbed his hand instead of the trunk. Quickly I pulled my hand back, and, blushing, looked away.

It took all four of the guys to lift and carry the trunk into Alana's room. Alana added on the way up that that was only one of her bags. The others were for food and personal care items and makeup and earrings and other stuff.

“Have you guys seen the basement?” Mari asked. We let her lead the way, making our way to the bottom of the stairs. I was surprised to see a huge dance room. It had soft brown wood floors and huge glass mirror. The other walls were a soft cream pink.

“Let's test it!” Alana said, pulling Trey by the hand, who took hold of mine while I grabbed Mari's. We were dancing so hard that we forgot that the guys were even there.

“Shall we?” I asked Trey. In gym back at school, Trey and I used to race across the gym floors on our knees. We would run before crashing onto our knees on the floor letting ourselves slide across the room. Trey and I slid across the room on our knees, sliding to a stop in front of the guys. I was smiling and giggling when I looked up to see Calum watching me, smiling.

“Well, come on guys. Join in!” Trey said, taking Luke and Michael's hands. To my surprise, I reached out and took Ashton and Calum’s hands, leading them to the others. I could feel my blood pumping fast in the hand that was holding Calum's. I let go of his hand slower than I did Ashton’s.

We danced for as a group for five minutes until we all got a text saying to be outside in two minutes. We dashed outside to see the lady from yesterday waiting. She wasn't alone.

“Time fore the rules. First, no trashing these houses. They are not cheap," she growled. "Second, for the next few rounds what you do in the show is up to you. Here is a list of things not allowed.” There were two people with her who started to hand out the list to both us and the guys, as well as everyone else that was around us. “Third, be active on your sites; you know, Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook and others. Lastly, you guys will be making video diaries. Whatever is recorded we have the right to share however we want.” The guys who just passed us the papers where now handing out little cameras. “Do you understand?”

"Yes," and ,"yeah," echoed back to her. She then left, telling us we had one week to work on our stuff for the next show. Soon, Alana introduced us to the girls of Rising.

Other people who made it to the next round showed up and began unpacking into their own condo- but none of them said even a simple hello to us. At that moment I knew that the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer and the girls of Rising would be our closest friends here. We decided to all have dinner together. At our place, of course, seeing as it was right I the middle, with the guys on the right, and Rising on the left. Because our condo shared a wall with 5 Seconds of Summer, there was a door connecting us, and the same with Rising. 

Everyone helped carry in peoples' stuff. I finished helping the girls of Rising, so I headed over to the guys.

“Do you guys need help?” I asked Michael.

“Can you take this to Calum?” He held out a guitar.

“Hum, sure.” I took it. Holding it with both hands, I walked it to their place, which was set up just like ours.

I knocked on their door with my leg. Luke answered.

“Calum?” I asked Luke.

He let me in. "Down the hall on the right," he said. 

“Thanks.” I walked to and I knocked on Calum's door with my foot.

“Yea’,” he called. I opened his door. He was in the middle of taking off his shirt. My eyes look him up and down. “Oh, hey, Jaiden?”

I blinked. “Here, I was told to give you this.” I held out the guitar and looked anywhere but him. He took it, and, with his back towards me, he sat it on his bed before slipping a different shirt on.

“Thanks.” He smiled, facing me.

“No, prob.” I bit my lip. “I’m going to go.” I turned to leave.

“Jay?” His accented voice stopped me. I had a soft accent, but these guys accent was strong and so much cuter.

“Yes?" I said, dragging on the ‘s’ and turning to face him.

He coughed and looked off. “Oh, er, uh, nothin', never mind. Its nothing.”

“OK.” I went to leave. “By the way,” I said, turning back to him, “our place, seven. Pizza. Watermelon. Cake.”

“I’ll be there.” He smiled. I smiled back. I headed out of their condo when Mari walked up to me.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yea’ why?”

“You're a bit pink.”

“Oh, I'm just hot.”

“Or do you mean he's hot?” Trey said, coming up next to me.

“Th-that's… Should I start asking you guys about…

Both of them walked away, sharing mischievous smiles.

“What did you say?” Alana asked. She looped her arm with mine.

“One word- guys," I said, giggling.

“O-ooooh!” she laughed, smiling.

Finally, everything was brought in, and the pizza was on its way.

I headed into my room and dug for some clean clothes. I picked out black pants with a white top. I looked in the pocket of the pants, and pulled out the photo of Aaron and slid it under my pillow. I tossed my bags on the floor and got ready for a night of hanging out and trashing the room- then cleaning it up, of course.

(Written by KayCee K.)

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