Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


13. Jaiden - Kissing Game

“Let’s play a game!” Mari said, looking around the room. I knew what she meant. The game.

“You don’t mean?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do!” she smirked.

Looking around, I saw the guys all talking.

“I don’t know…”

“You can’t tell me you don’t want to kiss any of them?”

I thought up an excuse. “I… I just don’t know if they would want to play.”

“Play what?” asked someone. I looked over. It was Ashton.

“Mari”- I looked at her, then at the guys- “wants to play Spin the Bottle.”

“Really?” he asked, smiling. He turned around to the others. “Guys, wanna play Spin the Bottle?” Ashton asked the others before Mari or I could say anything more.

Michael downed his bottle. “I got the bottle," he said.

“Sure,” Calum said. I glanced at him.

Spin the Bottle was our middle school go-to party game. And yes, we’ve have had to kiss each other once in awhile, but that was just how the game went. And luck was never on my side with this game.

Once, I was at a birthday party for a girl in our seventh grade class, and she had invited a huge group of kids from school to it. She got gotten a group together to play Spin the Bottle, and there happened to be Jeff, a guy who had a huge crush on me but I just found him gross ever since first grade, when he would pick his nose and chase us girls around, daring enough to poke us. And, of course, the bottle landed on him and I had to kiss him. Let's just say I almost puked.

But I had to say, this time the odds were in my favor. I mean, there were four hot guys here, what were the chances of not landing on one of them? Plus, Calum was one of those four.  My eyes traveled the room, locking with his just for a bit.

Alana walked in, and I knew what she was thinking. She was not a huge fan of the kissing game. Give her Truth Or Dare over this game any day.

Finally, everyone was sitting and ready to play.

“Who goes first?” Michael asked.

“Who ever asks first, goes first,” I said, looking at him.

“Fine with me!” he said, then he spun the bottle.

His bottle pointed towards Mari, she and his kissed briskly. Then it was Mari’s turn, spinning she landed on Trey. The guys “Ooooed”

I rolled my eyes. They kissed quickly.

It was Trey’s turn to spin, she spun the bottle, and it blurred until it slowed down and stopped.

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