Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


3. Jaiden - Guilty Pleasure

The music pounded as I danced. I couldn't hear a thing.

Suddenly the music stopped. I spun around to see Mari, Trey, and Alana all watching me, smiling.

The spare bedroom that my mom and step-dad allowed me to turn into a dance room was my favorite spot in the whole world. The right wall was, floor-to-ceiling, mirrors, while the other walls were blue. There were only two things in the room; a radio and a little fridge. There was also a closet that was full of junk.

“We are entering TBBTWW,” Alana said.

“Sure we are,” I said sarcastically.

I walked over to the fridge, taking out a water.

“We are!” she said. I gave them a puzzled look.

“Just tell her already,” Trey said.

“Tell me what?”

“They're coming here. As in we get to enter Turn Around!” Alana said.

“Is the a joke?” I asked.

“Nope!” Mari said.

They were all smiling at each other.

“No way!”

“Way!” Alana said.

“We have to work out a dance routine,” I said.

“You guys owe me five bucks!” Trey said holding out her hand.

They each gave her five.

“Thank you. And thank you, Jay, for being practicable.”

“I’m not practicable,” I said.

“Yea’, you are,” Mari said.

“Kinda,” Alana added.

“No, I’m not,” I said.

“Really?” Trey said. “What did you watch last night?”

“A movie,” I said it as if it was no biggie. But they all knew this would help prove their point.  

“What movie?” Trey asked smiling.

“It- it doesn't matter,” I said.

“It was a Step Up movie, wasn't it?” Mari asked.

“Fine, but that doesn't prove anything.”

The girls smiled and giggled.

“Okay, so maybe I am a little bit.” They were standing around me.

“We still love you anyways,” Mari said.

“Good, because we got work to do,” I said.

Hours later, we were all sitting on the floor filling out paperwork we have to bring to the show.

“Jaiden?” my step-dad yelled.

“Up here!” I called.

He pushed the door open.

“Hello, girls.” He said. They said hello back.

“What are you gals working on?”

“TBBTWW is coming here!” Alana said.

“That show you guys are always watching?”

“Yes, and we're entering,” I said.

He looked happily surprised. “Well, this sounds like cause for celebration! Pizza?”

Pizza was his go-to for everything. Mom's going to be late, pizza. Get an ‘A’ on a test, pizza. My guilty pleasure was the Step Up movies while his was pizza.  

"Yes" and "please" filled the air. Sometimes he tried to hard- but only sometimes.


We were all gathered in the living room eating when my mom came home.

“What are we celebrating?”

“We’re entering TBBTWW!” I said.

"That's great!" said Mom, sitting down with us to eat and grabbing a slice of pizza.

Soon, everyone finished eating and then they headed home.


I crawled into bed, and soon my mother came in.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yea’, fine.” It was half true.

We said our goodnights.

Laying down, I reached for a photo on the nightstand. Brought it closer so that I could look at it. It was of me and Aaron. A month before he died. Excited to the date. I wish I could've cried or something, but, like I did every night, I fell asleep holding onto his photo.



(Written by KayCee K.)

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