Don't Forget

At the big time talent show, the Turn Around dance group rocks it. They advance on to the second round, and are faced with hundreds of other people from around the world showing off their talents, including 5SOS. What will happen?


19. Jaiden - Garage to Night Out

We followed the guys over to their place. It was just like our- well, the layout, anyway. Ours were clean, theirs.....not so much.

“How do you live like this?” Mari asked.

I glanced around. Being a only child, my house was always clean. And even cleaner after my mom remarried and we had a maid.

“You need a maid,” I said.

“Jay has a good one,” Trey said.

“You have a maid?” Luke asked.

“Not me, my step-dad.”

“Okay, this way people!” Ashton said, leading us to the basement, where the instruments were.

“Let's rock!” Ashton yelled.

They started playing. They had four kitchen stools for us to sit on. How I ended sitting in front of Calum, I don't know, but I had.

He's good. Hot and good. Girls of all ages are going to love them.

I didn't realized I was staring until he locked eyes with me. He smiled, making me smile. He winked at me, I rolled my eyes. Was he flirting with me? In front of everyone?

Forcing myself, I looked at the other guys playing. They are good. I can see why they made it here; they're going to last a while.

They finished the song. “Whatcha’ think?” Luke asked.

“You guys are good,” Mari said.

“Really good!” Trey added.

I snuck a look at Calum, who was looking at me. I lifted my eyebrows at him. He copied me.

“Not to bad. I liked it,” I said.

The girls looked at me, surprised.

“You guys should feel proud. She doesn't like anything that's not pop,” said Alana.

I stuck my tongue out at her. “Whatever,” I said.

“You guys still on for dinner?” Trey changed the subject, knowing that Alana and I could go at it. We were like sisters, so sibling fights happened at times with us.

“Yea’ where?” Michael asked, slipping off his guitar.

I glanced at Calum. He still has his on. I have to say, he didn't look to bad with a guitar.

We decided to eat at a fish place not to far from here.

We all raced to get ready. We knocked on the other girl's place but they didn't answer. Guess they were really gone.

Making a large group, we started walking. I tripped over my boot lace. All black with my hair down was my go-to look. Tying the boot lace, I let out as small gasp as Aaron’s bracelet that he got for me on my fourteenth birthday slipped down my arm. I rubbed my fingers across it, unaware that someone was watching me.

“Ya okay?” Standing up fast, I saw that it was Calum.

“Yea’, you?”

“I’m fine.”

“Let’s go, then,” I said. We ran to the others. I jumped onto Alana’s back and she piggy-back carried me.

Looking behind me, I saw Calum watching me, as if he was thinking.


We were finally here. We pushed two tables together. Then we all sat, ready for a good time. 

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