The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


7. Chapter 6

Harry's POV:

I woke up with a pounding in my head. A groan left my lips as I rolled over to the side. My body froze and I stopped breathing for a second.


The house was surprisingly quiet. Why? Slowly, I got out of my bed, in case everybody is actually still sleeping. I tiptoed downstairs and headed towards the kitchen. There I saw a white note. Typical place to leave notes. I snatched it from the fridge and unfold it.

Dear Harry,

Your Father and I have gone on a vacation. We've been going through rough times, and we decided that a trip would help us. We well be gone for a week, so stay safe. Your sister will be staying with a friend. Enjoy your time honey!
Mum and Dad xox

My eyes widen in realization. No dad and no Gemma for a week! God finally granted my prayers. With a smug look on my face, I threw the note away and went straight to the couch. But immediately regretted it due to the fact that it reeked of alcohol that asshole uses.

You're probably wondering what happened after the incident at Scarlett's house. Simple. I didn't go to school yesterday, Friday. They haven't come by, which is understandable. I stood up from the couch and went to my room. Might as well just sleep more...


I was woken up by a banging at the front door. My heart beat picked up, as I went downstairs. Why are they banging? We have a doorbell. That's when I heard muffled voices through the door.

"Niall, there is a doorbell for a reason."

"Oh... I-I didn't see that there."

Fear rushed through my veins, for some odd reason my body going to panic mode. What are they doing here? The doorbell rang through the house now. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Their stood Niall, who had his head down and Ashton who looked to the sides. Their eyes finally meeting mine.

"Harry! Mate! We came here to check on ya. Maybe spend some time together." Niall chirped, his blue eyes shining.

"Yeah! We thought we'd get to know you better, since last time we really couldn't." Ashton chimed in.

I scratched the back of my neck, letting my eyebrows furrow, "Uh, yeah. Come in." I said shakily.

They both grinned and entered. My eyes looked up, why god? I closed the door and joined them. They were already sitting on the couch and by the look on their faces, I could tell they could smell it. But either way, they tried hiding it with a smile.

"Sorry you guys. My dad kind of drinks there."

"Oh. No worries lad." Niall replied.

"We actually came to talk about what happened on Thursday." Ashton said softly while fiddling with his long fingers.

"Oh... that. I figured you'd say that." I responded already feeling sweat build up on my forehead.

"Yeah... you left us kind of worried when we saw that bruise and you ran away." Ashton mumbled.

"Are you in some type of gang or something?" Niall asked calmly.

My eyes widen, "No! Never."

"Then, what was that bruise?"

I couldn't find my voice. My fear trapped it. It didn't want to speak out.

"Look, Harry. We don't want to force out something you don't want to say. But we won't judge you." Ashton spoke up.

"It's just, uhm." my eyes wandered between both of them. Their eyes impatiently waiting for an answer.


"I get bullied, by Tyler. He bullies me regularly. He punched me a day earlier. That's how I got my bruise. And I was just so embarrassed that you guys saw it. And the only thing my body told me was... run."

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Harry. Here I was thinking the worst of you. God, I'm so stupid. I'm sorry. But, why don't you tell somebody?"

Can't believe I saying this but, my bully just saved me from further integration.

"That would only make it worse. They say they'll help, but really they don't. So what? They suspend them for a week. But you know that once the new week comes rolling in, they'll beat you even more because you told. It doesn't help." I said through gritted teeth.

"Is there anyway we could help?"

My eyes met with his blue eyes, "No. Don't worry about it. I'll deal with it, it is my problem anyway."

Niall's mouth opened as if wanting to protest, but remained silent. He then nodded slowly and looked at his fingers. I looked at Ashton who was staring at me intently, he hasn't said a word, which actually worries me a bit.

"Well, we'll leave you. We didn't mean to upset you." Niall spoke up.

I shook my head, "No, don't worry. You didn't. I understand, you saw a bruise on my face, I ran away. It's logical that you got worried. " I spoke calmly, trying to look understanding.

"We'll see you later then," Niall said with a small shy smile, "You coming Ash?"

"No. You go ahead mate, I'll be around later." Ashton finally speaking up.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead, but really it was no use because my hands were also sweaty. My pounding chest increased my breathing. Why? Why is he doing this? What if he knows something?

"Alright, I'll see you two later then." With that, Niall had left the house.

The room was silent. I swear he could hear my heartbeat though. My eyes couldn't meet his, even though I could feel his eyes on me.

"Harry." Seriousness was felt in his voice.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and looked at him


"Now, you could tell me the real reason. How did that bruise get there? I know you have a bully, but he wasn't the one who placed it there."

I gulped, how does he know?

"My dad." I answered wearily.

"Your dad?" He asked surprised. His expression showing complete confusion.

"I came home from school and once I entered, I heard my parents arguing. That is until I heard my dad slap my mum. I got angry, I couldn't control it. I stepped in and fought him. 2 days later, which was Friday, he came for revenge. He told me that I should have never done that. He punched me in the same spot. Plus Tyler did actually punch me in the same spot too."

About this time, I couldn't look at Ashton anymore. I didn't want to see his pity for me. Or his concern. Once again silence was allowed in the room. Minutes passed until he spoke up.

"Do you ever feel like... like, you're trapped in this world? You want to get out by disappearing but, you start thinking about others. Sometimes, you have your mind set, but destiny has something else set for you. You try to leave, you blame life, you blame everything for making you suffer, but destiny tries to help you find a way out. Even If you think your destiny is not here."

I felt as if my heart stop for a second. Does he feel the same way? Does he go through what I go through?


"When I was younger, my father walked out on us. He abandoned my mother, my sister and I. My sister was only 2. I was only 10. It hurt me to see my mum cry every night, having stress over her jobs. She had 3 jobs just to have us healthy. Sometimes she didn't eat, because we were her priority. I helped raise my little sister. But I just couldn't help it. "

"He left us. I hated him so much. I'd hear my mom argue on the phone with him about money or her boss. I'd hear her throw things in her room at nights. Things in school weren't any better. I tended to be the target for the older kids. That's when I started cutting."

His voice cracked, his eyes swelling with tears and eventually looking away.

"I did it everyday. I couldn't stop. My mum nor my sister never found out. It was my secret."

"I c-cut to. Sometimes." My voice came out weak.


"I would do it regularly but... for some reason, sometimes I just don't. Do you still do it?"

"No. Someone helped me."

"Who?" I asked

A small smile appeared on his face, "Scarlett."

Scarlett? What? Wh- how?

"Calum's sister?"

He nodded, "One night, I found that I was out of razors. Or better said, they were gone. So I went out to a near by store. While I was looking for them, she came by my side and somehow she befriended me. She helped me in such a short time. And I appreciate that she used her time to help me. It's no use cutting Harry. You think it makes you feel better. But really, it's like some sort of drug you get obsessed with. Cutting isn't any better than drugs. It won't help you."

"It isn't easy. It's easy to say, but difficult to do."

"I know. I felt that too. Believe me."

All i did was nod. He let a long breath out.

"Do you wanna hang with us? And don't worry the incident won't be mentioned."

Hesitantly, I answered, "Ok." I gave a slight smile.

His face broke with a wide smile, "Great lets go."



The fragile brunette came into view with arms open running towards her friend. I saw the way Ashton's face lit up, a form of love, but the type of love that he likes her company, like she's home for him. He embraced her in a tight hug then let go.

"Hey Harry." She took me by surprise and hugged me.

Of course, me being the awkward person I am, I completely froze. Still I managed to wrap my arms around her small waste. Just how quick the hug occurred, it quickly ended.

"You guys came just in time! We ordered pizza! Yay!" She did a small dance and ran towards the couch. On her way there, she tripped over a shoe, but luckily landed on the couch. Other people don't have that luck.

I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little at her clumsiness. Ashton's laugh filled the room, as a return she glared at him.

"Shut up you butt face," she said pouting, "stupid Calum and his stupid shoes." she mumbled, throwing the shoe across the room and adjusting herself on the couch.

I bit my lip as a form to contain the giggle that wanted to come out. Soon, Calum came down with Niall and Liam? Yeah Liam, the guy from my math class.

"Harry! Didn't expect ya here." Calum cheerily said. "This is Liam if you don't know."

"I know, hi"

"Hey Harry, you good?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I faked a smile.

"Lads, come sit." Niall chimed in, patting the couch.

Ashton and Scarlett were already sitting next to each other talking about who knows what. I took my seat next to Niall. They started up a conversation about football, but all I could do was focus on Scarlett. The way she threw her head back when Ashton said something funny. Or when her eyebrows furrowed and pulled her head back a little as a sign of disbelief. I was busy staring at her that I didn't even hear the doorbell ring.

Niall who was sat beside me, startled everyone, "PIZZA!" And sprinted towards the door.


Niall took the 3 boxes to the kitchen with the other lads following him. Meanwhile, I was left alone with the girl who made my stomach flip each time I saw her.

"Harry, come sit here." she said softly patting the space beside her.

"O-okay." I gave a shy smile as I got up and walked towards the spot.

"So tell me about yourself. We never really got a chance to talk personally."

"Um, there really isn't nothing interesting about me."

She rolled her eyes, "Bull. Ash said the same thing. Come on. Tell me. What do you like to do on your free time?"

Cut and mourn about my life.

I shrugged, "I like singing."

"Mmm, maybe I'll have to hear those vocals of yours someday." she said with a sly smile while nudging me with her elbow.

Heat raised up to my cheeks as I looked down and bit my lip, "Maybe."

"You're such a tease, aren't ya?"

I chuckled, "Yup."

A giggle left her pink lips, "Come on let's go get our pizza!" With that she took off to the kitchen.

A smile crept upon my face.

I think I can see how Scarlett helped Ashton. And maybe she can help me. And hopefully, I don't cut today or tomorrow, even if it will take time.


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