The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV:


"Harry, son, get up. I'll be taking you to school today."


My eyes slowly opened, trying to adjust to the light. My mom was going to take me to school? Lifting my weak body up, I walked to the bathroom and did my things. After that I changed and went out. My mom was standing with her purse in her arm and her phone on her hand.


"Ok, let's get going."


Heading outside, I saw the foggy sky, which is usual here.


"Oh! I'm forgetting the folders! I knew I was forgetting something. Hold on, Harry."


With that she rushed back inside, her heels smacking against the pavement floor. Honestly, I don't know how she can walk in them, let alone run in them.


"Hurry, Cal! We're going to be late, and this time it's going to be your fault!"


My whole body froze when I heard the brunettes voice. I didn't know what to do. I just wanted to hide from her. Maybe if I stay still and look away, she won't notice me. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I felt her gaze set on me, making me more anxious than before. So, like I always do, I took out my phone to avoid awkwardness.


"Stop complaining Marie. This beautiful hair requires a lot of care and attention."


Marie? That's her name? What a beautiful name, it fits her perfectly. I could literally feel Marie roll her eyes.


"Whatever, Calum."


"Yeah, you know it true." The dark haired boy said as he unlocked the car. The brunette chucked at his comment and headed in the car.


"I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Let's go!" My moms voice startled me from behind as she pushed past me and unlocked the car. Once I entered the car, a smile crept on my face. I finally know her name.




(I'm skipping the morning periods. I feel too lazy to write them.) 😁


Frantically, I searched through my locker for my guitar book. Where is it, dammit. If I don't bring it, Mr. Riverdale will take points away. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed in defeat. It's not here Harry, stop telling yourself that it is. I slammed my locker and slowly walked to 7th period. As I entered the big music room, something else caught my eye. Marie. She was talking to a blonde lad, who I don't recall seeing him and the dark haired boy.


"Mr. Styles." Mr. Riverdale's voice boomed at me, "I know very well that this is a guitar class, not a slacking off time. Take a seat."


My seat was 3 seats away from Marie. I grinned to myself as I sat my binder down and got a stand. Once I sat down, I tried to move my stand around as if adjusting it so Mr. Riverdale would think that I'm just fixing it to put my "book" on it. But as he walked by, he stopped quickly.




My eyes closed as I let out a sigh. Well, prepare for some embarrassment, Harry.


"Where is your book?" He asked with a strict voice.


"Uhm, I uh... kinda forgot it at my house."


"Really? Well how come the others didn't forget?"


"Because they remembered?"


"Wrong." He voice rose slightly, "You are an irresponsible person. Stop forgetting, you know it'll hurt your grade, and knowing what your grade is now, you should be doing everything that is possible to raise it."


He gave me one last glare as he headed behind his desk.


"May someone be kind enough to share with Mr. Styles here?"


"I will Mr. Riverdale, I am sitting next to him anyway." I noticed his thick Australian accent for the first time


"Thank you Calum." He nodded towards him and signaled for everyone to get their guitars.


Calum. That was his name. I always seem to forget it. Once everyone was settled, we began to review the same crappy stuff.

Until the last minutes came by.


"Children, listen up. You will be having a test on Romanza on Friday, you will be tested on all 4 parts. For the remainder of class which is only a few, you may speak." With that, he clamped his hands together and headed to his computer.


"Is this your first year in guitar?" Calum? Said.


"Yeah. Basically. I only just took it because I didn't want to take Spanish again."


"So you're not really interested in guitar?"


"No, not really."


His face showed a bit of disappointment, but it quickly left, "That's ok, I guess. What's your name anyway?"


"Harry." I responded back


"Well, as you may know, I'm Calum. And this is my-"




"Sorry, uhm, I'll see you around," he said shooting me a smile shorty after turning to Marie and blondie, "Come on guys."


As she passed by her eyes locked with mine. And I swear my stomach is doing a bunch of backflips. She gave a warm

smile while she trailed behind Calum. I picked up my stuff and went to 8th period. What was Calum going to say? Was he going to say girlfriend? Wife? No, don't be stupid Harry. Of course she's not his wife, they're still too young for that. I think... no but they can't be together. But, they do live together ... may-


"Well, if it isn't Harold! Our old buddy, you guys!"


My heart stopped as I heard the voice I dreaded to hear. Tyler and clique. I heard their footsteps approaching me, their snickers coming closer. Soon, I felt Tyler's hand grab my shirt while he pinned me up against the lockers.


A sinister smile spreading across his pale face, "Man, oh Man. We haven't seen you in so long lad. We were pretty upset that we didn't get to see our favorite person. We missed you, buddy."


At that instant, I felt his fist collide in the spot where my dad hit me last night. I hissed in pain as my back slid against the cold metal locker. Their snickers turned into laughter as I felt kicks here and there on my sides. I groaned in pain, trying to cover myself with my arms, but it was no use.


"Let's go, I think our buddy now knows how much we missed him." He scoffed waking away with his clique.


Trying to get up was impossible. Shaking violently, I made it the bathroom. I locked the door and threw my binder on the floor. The late bell rang. Oh well, might as will skip 8th period even though Marie's there. I let myself come trembling down to the ground, quietly sobbing. Why am I still here? I don't deserve to even be here. All I am is getting beaten, just because of a stupid girl who I haven't even spoken to.


Why am I even trying to stay alive because of her when she doesn't even communicate with me? I let her interfere with my plans, and I shouldn't have! It was my fault, I should've just ignored her. She's just another girl. That's all she is. She is no different.




The bell rang for the last time. Finally, I was getting pretty irritated with all the banging on the door. Getting my things, I walked outside. Where's my mom? She was supposed to pick me up. I took my phone out and saw a voice mail from her.


"Hey honey, sorry I won't be able to pick you up today. I just got too caught up in work and I still have a lot a things ahead. You'll just have to walk. Sorry. Anyway love you sweetie, take care, Bye."


I rolled my eyes as I turned my phone off and begin walking. I was already getting farther from school property when a car honk startled me.


"Hey Harry!"


My body completely froze when I heard that voice. My head slowly turning around and saw the familiar black minivan with Calum's face visible.


"Need a ride?"


"N-no. It's ok-"


"Come on man, don't be absurd. I'll can drive you home, trust me. Plus you live next door, so it wouldn't really be a problem."


I weakly smiled, "Ok."


He grinned, "Great. Hop in." He leaned towards the passengers seat and opened it.


I opened it and went it and saw Marie and blondie.


"Uh, Harry, this is my baby sister Scarlett. And he's Luke, my best mate."


I mentally sighed in relief when I heard him say that Mar- wait Scarlett?


"Erm, nice to mate you guys." i said softly.


They both smiled and mumbled a "you too." So her name is Scarlett? I thought it was Marie, I heard Calum call her that. Maybe it's a brother and sister thing.




The car ride was quiet, with only the music being the noise in between us. We finally arrived home. I got off the car and thanked Calum.


"Thanks mate." I said shyly.


"No problem, see ya around." he said as he saluted me and headed towards his house with Luke behind him.


"Bye Harry." I looked up and saw the beautiful brunette smile at me as she walked away.


She knows my name. How? Does she actually notice me? No, Harry. Don't be dumb. Calum obviously told her. Or maybe he didn't. I entered my house with a smile slapped across my face and went up to my room. I threw my things on the floor and went to the bathroom. I washed my face, but suddenly I stood still. I looked at my bottom drawer where my blade usually sits. I found it on the ground yesterday night when I came back from eating. I opened it steadily, until the blade showed itself. I started at it for a while. Should I do it or should I just leave it? No I can't give up now. She noticed me. Finally knows my name. Maybe give one more day to see if something else happens. Yeah that's what I'll do.


"I'll do it tomorrow."




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