The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV:

"Get up, asshole. Dad wants me to drop you off. If you're not ready in 10 I'm leaving."


A groan left my lips as I sat up. Really? I had to ride with her? Whenever Gemma drove me to school, she'd pick up her irritating friends who constantly squeal and giggle. And honestly it pisses me off to no end. Quickly changing and brushing my teeth, I headed downstairs to the door.




I froze in my spot and turned around facing my mum, "Yes?"


"Where is my goodbye?"


Once I saw her small smile, relief washed over me. Quickly, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went outside where Gemma was obnoxiously honking. I was about to pull the door open to the passengers seat when Gemma locked the door and opened the window.


"Did you really think I was going to drive you to school? Dad left and mum isn't watching. Plus not after last time, gosh you're embarrassing. Bye loser."


I stared in shock as she backed away from the drive way. God I hate her. She always makes my life miserable. I recollected myself and began walking. Well today is off to a good start.




Entering 1st period was a nightmare already. I have Tyler and his friends in this class. They constantly bicker around and insult not only the teacher, but me. As I was about to sit at the back seat, a hand shoved me. Causing me to fall to the ground and drop my stuff.


"This is my seat Styles. Stay away." Tyler hissed and sat down while laughing with his stupid friends.


My mouth stayed shut like always. It will always be like that. Quiet people hold more secrets and always go better off like that. I sat next to the window as the teacher came in and stared talking.


I really don't care what she is discussing. I have everything planned out. Or at least I think I do. Today is the day. I'm in all honesty nervous but relieved. All life does is put weights on my shoulder and I no longer want to hold it. It's not worth it. Why would I fight for something, in this case my life, that I don't even want? The logic is that you just don't do it. I can't do life. It's too much to handle. But like I've said before, there is always that small hope inside of me that insists that I shouldn't do it. But I ignore it. It's just false hope. It's my excuse to keep on living. But the excuse is no longer valid to me because I'm firm in my decision. No one will care. My parents know I cut, did they care? Well my mom did a little, but later on forget about it. Is that what will happened if I die? Will she be upset for sometime and then later on forget that I even existed? Probably will. Everyone will. It hurts to know that no one, not even a single soul, cares about you. It makes you feel so unwanted and isolated from the world. It makes you think that you are different from the others, in a bad way. You see no point in living like me. Everything just seems so out of your league and so hard to reach. It's like just being you is bad enough and are already crossing the limit because nobody wants to be near you. And I'm done with all the bullshit that life just gives me. I will not longer exist, but it wouldn't be much of difference anyway. It's always this way, I don't exist.



"What am I going to do dad? I have to go to my dance practice! The girls are counting on me!"


I mentally rolled my eyes as i heard Gemma's voice complaining. I shut the door and started to make my way to my room when my father decided to interrupt.


"Your brother can take you."


"Harry doesn't even have a car!"


"You could take the truck. You don't know how to drive that, Gem. He does. I just don't want you getting in an accident. Just let him take you."


What the fuck? Who said I wanted to take her? I seriously hate when he makes me  do things I didn't offer myself to do.


"Fine. But he better not embarrass me!"


"He won't. Or he'll see it coming. Now go, and take care."




As she walked closer to me she whispered, " You better not ruin it or else...-"


"Or else what Gemma?" I snapped, "just go get ready." I hissed.


"Whatever" she rolled her eyes and went to her room.


"Here." I felt a cold metal being thrown at my head, the keys.


"I want the truck to come back just how it was, or else you'll have it coming." He hovered over me then walked away.


I sighed and made my way outside to the truck. As I waited I saw a dark haired boy making his way towards a black car. Somebody seemed to already be in the passengers seat, but they seemed to be looking down, most likely on their phone. The car soon backed up and sped off, right after Gemma opened the door.


"Ew. Ew. Ew. Ugh this car is so dirty and rusty. The girls can't see this. They'll laugh at me."


"God, you have it rough, don't you?" I replied back sarcastically.


"Just drive will you?"






Figures, now I have to wait for Gemma. Usually her classes take about 2 hours or more. Dammit this'll ruin my plan. Will I have enough time? It's never too late, I guess.


"- like I still don't understand. Is she going to teach or are they going to teach her?"


I turned around and saw a familiar dark haired boy. The one I saw today. He was facing towards my direction while the other person, who seemed to be a girl, her back was facing me.


"Calum, isn't it obvious? They are going to teach her. She can't teach yet. She's just starting, plus she's too young."


"Right. I'll be back."




The girl went to the bench and finally looked up and sighed as she tapped her fingers. I saw her face clearly. My lips parted as I observed her. Usually for me every girl is just normal. Yes, they are attractive, but this girl, she's, she's breathtaking. Her brown wavy hair that reached her back. Her skin fairly tan and those eyes. They seemed brown. Her plump pink lips. She wore a Blink-182 shirt with some jeans and black converse. I've never seen her before. Who is she? Surely she is new. She has to be. She was quiet and didn't talk, she just stared off to where some kids were.


Normally, every girl I see is either talking way too much, complaining or just giggling and squealing. But she, she sat quietly, unfazed of her surroundings. She seems quite mysterious. I was curious to know more about her. I never really took interest in anyone. Due to the fact that every girl didn't want to be near me. They thought I was strange because I never really socialized with anyone. I was locked up in my own little world. As I grew up, I isolated myself more. I had a few friends but they ended up leaving me. That's why I prefer being alone. So nobody would hurt me. But my mind wandered once again to this girl who was only a few steps away, I couldn't help but think that she might distract my thoughts. My decision. No. I won't let some girl, who I barely know get in the way of my decisions. My mind is just trying to find excuses to not do what I have planned. Maybe she goes to our school. Maybe i should just do it tomorrow. Just see if she's there. I mean I might not see her again. But I'm probably just infatuated with her. Yeah that's it, but I just have to see if she goes to our school, yeah. I can survive one more day, I mean I have been for years.


"I'll do it tomorrow."



Hey guys! So I kind of changed the plot of the story. He was supposed to have a little sister. And they were supposed to meet in school and then see each other at the dance studio. But I switched it. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Love ya! 💋💋💋



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