The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


16. Chapter 15

Alexis POV:

I didn't mean to say those things. I was and still am exhausted with all of this. I haven't slept properly nor eaten properly as well. Though Harry and I have only known each other for so little -2 days to be exact- I want to be his friend. I need one. I don't want to be that loner that just roams around the hallways alone during lunch passing groups of girls laughing together. Not even the teachers want me around anymore. They all say they have to go somewhere and can't leave me alone in the room. No matter what, I'm going to cling onto him, no matter what he says.


It was her.

"Scarlett..." my voice raspy. "I suppose you came to see Harry?"

The brunette cleared her throat, her cheeks flushed and out of breath. "Yeah. His mom told us - me she told me what happened."

She took a seat next to me, "how is he?"

I sighed, flattening my hair to make it better, "well, as of now I'm not sure. He was fine."

"What do you mean was? Did something else occur?"

"I did something stupid. I said things that I shouldn't have said. He - he freaked out. He began to scream and kick. I - I didn't mean to say those things I was just - I was just tired and grumpy and I took it out on him. It isn't his fault."

By then, everything around me was a blur again. I rubbed my eyes, not wanting to cry again.

"Hey... look, I'm not going to say that it's okay because it is wrong what you did but the thing is you admit your fault. But for now don't worry. You need to rest. I'll stay up okay?"

I smiled, "thank you."

She smiled softly, "no problem."

I let my eyes close for the first time for today. I've come to realize that whenever I'm really tired, closing my eyes doesn't satisfy me. I have to squeeze them just a little in order to fall into a profound sleep. Unconsciously, my head began to lean to the right. It stopped when it landed on a warm place. Scarlett's shoulder.

Quickly I sat up and apologized seeing that she became tense.

"Uh, no no it's fine. You can lean on my shoulder."

I didn't think twice, I leaned against her a quickly drifted off to sleep.


I woke up with a slight pain on the side of my neck. When I tried to lift my head up, I realized that Scarlett had placed her head on top of mine as well and was asleep. My heart beat picked up, mostly because any contact with any person made me nervous.


I grumbled in response to the unknown voice.

"Alexis, sweetie. It's me, Anne."

I shot right up, pushing Scarlett who almost fell off.

"Sorry, sorry. How's Harry?" I asked.

"He's fine. He doesn't want to tell me what happened though. I'll just have to wait until he eventually does." She sighed while taking a seat.

Hopefully he doesn't.

"But, he's fine now?" Scarlett asked fully awake now.

"Yes. They are going to let him go tomorrow but with the condition of him getting professional help... do you want to see him?"

"Um, I- I don't know." Scarlett fumbled with her sleeves.

"Come, I'm sure he'll be fine with it." Anne took her by the hand and led her to his room.

Meanwhile I stayed in the waiting room, worried about that now Harry might hate me. Without thinking correctly, I followed to where both girls had went. I saw Anne outside the room, peeking through the small window.

"What's wrong?"I asked.

"Nothing. Harry is asleep. Scarlett just wanted to see him."

Scarlett was caressing his cheeks with her thumb, looking at him with sad eyes and a sad smile. Her hand went to his curls, twisting his softly. Her lips were moving but I couldn't make out what she was saying. Finally, she stood up and gave him one last smile before approaching us.

"He's in a really deep sleep." Scarlett whispered.

"Oh my angel, I'm just glad that he's alive." Anne croaked.

"He'll get better," Scarlett said, "I have to go, my brother is here."

"Oh, go ahead honey. I inform you if something happens."

"Thank you." she hugged Anne before facing me, "Bye Alexis, get some rest, okay?"

I nodded.

She gave me a pat on the shoulder and left.

"Such a sweet girl she is. She's very lovely and caring, I'm glad Harry has her."

"Yeah, very lovely."

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