The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


14. Chapter 13


Harry's POV:

The constant shuffling was creating small breezes, making my body twitch. It was until then, when the smell of alcohol hit my nose. Everything started to unravel slowly, it took time to notice all the noises that were constantly beeping around my ear. Soft chatter was being muffled, but i didn't recognize any of them. All the voice just seem unfamiliar. Where am I? As of a cue, the sound of the door being pushed opened startled me. Heels clicking on the floor, echoing around the quiet room. It was indeed someone because not a minute after, they started to mutter under their breath terms that I didn't quiet understand. They sighed and placed something on a counter, their presence seemed closer than before.

There was a gentle knock on the door, catching the attention of the person who i learned was a lady when she spoke.

"Come in."

A dramatic gasp fell from my mum, "Oh my god, my son. What happened to him?! Oh god, no - I - what , how?"

"Mam, please calm down, you can easily alter him with your simple voice."

Her cold fingertips caressed my pale cheeks. Soft whimpers falling from her, her breathless laments, tear drops hitting the thin robe like material I was wearing.

"Why?" She croaked, "How did this happen? He was fine.... fine." She whispered to herself.

"Apparently not. You're son is self-harming," The nurses hands reached for my wrists and turned it outwards; most likely displaying the cuts on my wrist.

A breathless "No," left my mums lips, "No, no, no, NO! Why?! Look at what you've done! This is all you're fault!" She screeched, "Because of you, you're son is like this!"

My dad was here.

"Anne, stop it." His voice coming out hoarsely.

"Stop? Stop?! Your son is here, sick, not emotionally stable and you're telling me to calm down?! Your son his hurting because of all this! Look at him! He looks dead. And if he keeps doing this, maybe he will be! Your son will be dead! - "

"He's your son too! Stop blaming all of this on me! You know very will that both of us caused this not only me."

Silence took over the room, hard breathing and whimpers was all I heard before my body began to shut down.



"Harry?... oh my - , Harry?"

My face crinkled at the feeling of someone's breath fanning over me. Slowly, my eyes fluttered opened, blonde hair coming into view.

"You're awake! I have to call your mom, she was worried sick and told me to call her if you woke up."

"Alexis, it's ok. You can call her later." I assured her.


My eyebrows furrowed, "Because she has a difficult job?" I said as if it were obvious.

"No Harry. Why are you cutting?"

The small blond girl stood a few inches away, her face slightly red.

"That's none of your business." I muttered under my breath as I shuffled uncomfortably.

"Of course it's my business! You're my friend!" She said breathlessly while throwing her arms up.

"Just because we spent 2 days together doesn't mean we're friends." I snarled.

She scoffed, "I just find it completely infuriating that you do this to get attention. Cutting won't get you anywhere, Harry! Stop doing something pathetic - because it is. It's disgusting."


"You know it's the truth - "

"Get out!"

A sharp noise came blazing from beside me, my trembling hands clutched onto my ears, pressing them. My breathing became heavier, I couldn't hear anything but the pounding of my unsteady heartbeat.

Nurses came in ushering Alexis to leave, but she stood there in shook; holding a guilty look behind her eyes. A small middle aged woman seemed to be yelling but I couldn't hear anything but myself. Her mouth opened but no noise came out of it. I forced my eyes shut, the pain that was going through my ears was unbearable. Finally, it was only a man and two nurses in the room. A hand covered my mouth; it was there when I realized that I was screaming.

Then everything went dark.


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