The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


13. Chapter 12


Scarlett's POV:

"Harry- Harry!"

I tried to make my way out of the crowd. His frame got smaller from the distance.

"Harry wait!"

He kept walking, I began pushing more and finally making my way to him

"Harry," I was out of breath, I took a hold of his arm, "Wh-"

I was interrupted by him getting rid of my grip.

"Stop! Just stop! Can't you just leave me alone?" He raised his voice. I never seen him like this. His eyes were a darker shade than usual. His features were hard and a vein from his neck was popping out.
My body flinched at his image and I backed away a little, "Har-"

"No! Stop following me!"

He took a step forward, his jaw was clenched and his knuckles were turning red.

"Stop looking at me!"

He took one more step closer.

"Stop talking to me!"

And another one.

"Just leave me alone!"

We were now face to face, just inches apart. His breath hovered over me sending chills down my spine.

"Understand that I don't want to be near you!" He growled.

His face became fuzzy. He turned his back on me and stormed off to the distance. I felt dozen of eyes on me. Watching my every move, wanting to know what I was going to do. My hand slowly rose to my cheeks and gently touched them. I moved them away when I felt wet stains on them.

I was crying.



I woke up with a feeling of wanting to vomit. Yesterday kept replaying in my mind. I couldn't sleep at all. If anything, I think I only got 5 hours of sleep. Not because I was crying, but because I felt lonely. Unwanted. Worthless. The traits that I used to once call myself were surging through my thoughts again. I had stopped thinking of myself that way, I knew it wasn't healthy. My own self hated me because I let this one boy bring down again.

I headed towards the kitchen now freshly changed. I really didn't put much effort in how I look today, yet again, I usually don't. I had a soft red sweater on with my sweats along with my black worn out converse. I had Ash's grey beanie on to keep my ears warm. In the kitchen was Calum and Ashton.

"Hey sis, how are you?"

Calum's voice was gentle, something that is highly unusual. He's always so loud when he spoke.

"I'm fine." I muttered under my breath.

I placed my bowl on the counter and poured some milk in before putting the Fruit Loops in it.

"Ok, I'm going to get ready then." He sighed and made his way to his room.

Putting my bowl in the microwave, a pair of muscular arms wrapped around my waist. He nuzzled his face at the side of my neck. A small giggle erupted from me, his curls were tickling me.

"Scar, I know you're not ok. He's an asshole, you don't need him. He doesn't know what he's missing out. Your friendship is gold. Please don't let this throw you out."

I leaned my head so I was resting on his chest, "I know Ash. I just, I just wanted to see how he was like. What type of person he was, now it is stated clearly how his persona is." I whispered.

He turned me around so I was facing his hazel green eyes. His large somewhat smooth hands cupped my face.

"Just promise me this. Don't let this, make you think back to what you thought about yourself back then. You're never going to be worthless or useless, ok? You got 3 more idiots who care so much about you. Don't break apart just because one boy doesn't. You mean the world to us."

Tears welled up at the back of my eyes, soon they were freely falling along my cheeks. He embraced me in a tight hug. A hug I gave him when he was down in the pits.

"I love you Ash."



"Go ahead Cal, I'll wait for you."

We were now in school. Calum didn't pee when we left, so we had to make a quick stop to the toilets. I leaned against the lockers and played my music that was paused.

The minor key of the piano from Welcome to The Black Parade shot through my earbuds. Hearing this song makes me feel so emotional, not because I relate to it (somewhat), but because the band isn't together anymore. God, me and my band obsessions.


The rush of the people around made me dizzy. As some of them walked by, they pushed past me, hitting my elbow each time they walked by. I glared at those dickheads. There is a wide space so they don't bump into me, but still they choose to annoy me. Why is Calum taking so long? Eh, he probably made a new friend in there. I decided to close my eyes and lean my head back towards the lockers. Soon enough, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, it was Calum. I managed to give him a small reassurance smile, but he give me a knowing face. I knew I couldn't fool him. He pulled me in for a hug, the hug that every sister should get from her brother. Not say anything, but know that he will always be there for here. Actions speak louder than words. Hugs are such simple actions, but they transmit a lot.



"Lucas." I said in a firm voice as I took a seat next to him.

"Hey Scar."

I was in 3rd period Bio class. Mr.Wright said today was a review day, I know all this stuff. I haven't seen Harry yet. I don't think he came to school today. I flipped through the pages of the textbook acting as if I were reading. Ashton's right. There are people who care for me, I won't let Harry ruin my new personality. Well, new compared to how I was back then I guess you can say. I know Ashton knows something though. In 2nd period which is PE, he told me that "sometimes people go through so much and don't want others to get close because they are afraid that they might end up caring so much for them. They're scared that maybe that someone will leave them and end up getting hurt. And they'll blame it on them because that's what they get for caring too much."

Ashton doesn't say that just because. He knows something. But I'm not going to push him on about it.

"Where were you Isaiah? Didn't you only had to use the restroom?" Mr. Wright spoke to the tall tan boy entering the class.

"I did. The boys bathroom is actually locked from down the hall. So I had to go to the one near the French hallways."

Why would the boys bathroom be locked? Doesn't the janitor have the key or something? Some boys must be skipping. Then again, who would want to be awake now? Mornings are for sleeping, not school.

Finally the bell rang. I put my stuff away and waited for Luke.

"Luuuke, can you hurry up?"

"Patience." He closed his neat folder and gently placed it on the slot of his binder. He unzipped his backpack and shoved in his binder quickly.

"Ok let's go."

As Luke and I walked together, we saw some boys banging on the bathroom door. Haha, it's still locked? It's probably really dirty that they had to lock it.

Luke and I sat at the last middle tables. We talked about My Chem and the rumors that they were going to get back together (A/N: I know this is old.) Cal and Ash have yet to show up. But that's when I saw him. He came in with... Alexis? What were they doing together? They sat down together and began talking. It was as if they've known each other for so long. Seeing Harry laugh along with her just made a weird sensation run through my body. Oh no, he saw me staring! Damnit Scarlett, you're so stupid! The warmth of my cheeks told me that I was in fact blushing.

"Is Scar blushing?" Cal teased as he took a seat.

I rolled my eyes, "Shut up and sit your bum down."

I don't understand, why her? Am I not a likable person? Am I too annoying? Is there something that she has that I don't personality wise? There has to be a reason why he didn't like me.

Luke scoffed then mumbled something to himself. And I understand why he did it.

Harry and Alexis were holding hands.




Guess who got a job at Victoria Secret?

That's right, me.

But it's only temporarily, I'll only work here for 3 weeks before I start working at Hot Topic. I did apply to other stores like at Michael's and Game Stop. But they never did call back.

"Scarlett, honey, do you know if the new items came?"

"Uh yeah! I placed them in the storage, Mindy told me to not display them just yet." I said while going behind the counter.

"Alright thank you." She said, "Actually, do you think you can do me a favor?"

"If it's possible, then yes."

"Store is closing early today so we can organize the new clothing, do you think you can stay? Xiomara called in sick today and Celeste had some family emergency. So it'll only be you and Mindy."

"Sure! Can I bring my friend? I was supposed to meet with him later." I asked.

"If he helps, then I don't mind. But he better not distract you." She said with a teasing smile.

"I'll try not to."

I never liked Victoria Secret. It just made me feel uncomfortable every time I walked by it. Obviously because they always had lingerie at the front windows. Tomorrow I had the day off. The boys want to take me somewhere for my birthday. Yes my birthday. I never really liked celebrating it, but tomorrow I didn't mind because my mom is coming back today at night. Cal and I have missed her so much. She was due to come 2 days ago, but some things were delayed so she had to stay. I love my mom, I really do. But she almost never has time for me nor Calum. It was far more worst when I was only 5 and Cal was 6. Dad would have to stay home, that is until he couldn't and Calum and I just had to learn how to take care of ourselves. I learned how to cook at a early age. I always watched my mom, and tried to memorize word for word all that she instructed.

At least now, our mother has some time for us and herself. Calum as I decided to help her financially. He'll be paying the gas, and I'll be paying for the electricity. We knew our mom needed the help, she always did.

I never saw my mother cry. Not even when she caught my dad cheating. I remember asking her why she wasn't crying, screaming or just mad. She never told me. All she ever did was just smile and rub my arm sympathetically. As if saying; one day you'll know and understand." I always admired how firm she was. How strong she was. I know that if my husband were to cheat on me and not only that but get another women pregnant, I don't think I could've pulled a straight face without crying or yelling. But now I think I could. With everything that has happened, I actually think I could. My mom isn't one to speak a lot, but just her actions have taught me so much. And even though she barely spent time with me as A child, I still love her. Because I knew she needed the money to keep us, her children healthy.



The faint sound of the obnoxious pop music was heard through the store. Surprisingly today wasn't as packed as most days, but I knew tomorrow would since the new products were coming in.

"Hey Mindy?"


"Can you cover me for a second? I need to go to the restroom."

"Sure, go ahead darling." She said walking towards the counter.

"Thank you!"

Mindy was a good woman. She was around 35 I think. She was married to a dentist and had one son who was only 7. I locked the door behind me and pulled out my phone. It was ringing constantly while I was attending some costumers. 

Calum (2)

Oh my god, he knows I'm at work. He's done this last time. He had called to say that he was hungry, that there was nothing to eat. Least to say, I hung up on him. I shoved my phone in my dress pocket. I wasn't one to wear dresses, but it was only to promote tomorrow's sale. It was a hot pink color with a slim belt around the mid waist. My hair was curled with a pink bow holding it up in a half up. Pushing the door open, I went back behind the counter mumbing a thank you at Mindy.


Store closed at 5 today, I was supposed to hang out with Ashton today. I needed to talk to him about it. I was starting to dream about it again; the memories started to torment my mind. It kept on pushing me to the edge and I needed someone. I know if I tell Calum, he'll become too protective. I know he didn't like it when I thought back to those situations. This is where I use that cheesy excuse.

I'm only human.

I had just finished placing new bags by the time I saw a couple approaching.

"Hi! How are you?" I greeted as always.

I closed the nearby drawl before I saw him. His wide eyes stated straight at me. His lips were parted and his cheeks were slightly flushed. What was he doing here? The thing is, why is he here with her? I knew the girl. She was Alexis Ferard, if I'm not mistaken she's in my History class.

"I-I'm good. Y-you?"

I forced my eyes towards her and gave her a small smile, "I'm fine as well... Alexis, right?"

"Yeah! Yeah, m-my name is Alexis."

I knew it, she had helped me in history one time. I never really thanked her, so I guess I could do that now.

"Today's your lucky day, you get a discount." I said while trying to find a coupon on the computer.

"Really? Oh my god, thank you so much!" She said getting closer to the counter.

I scanned the 2 bras and the set of underwear before neatly putting it in the light pink bag and sliding is towards her.

"No Problem. It's my way of thanking you for helping me in History. Your total is 15.78. Cash or credit?"

"Credit please." I heard her going through the her medium sized purse.

"Wait a second... ok now swipe."

As she was choosing which credit card to use, Harry and I were having some type of staring contest. To be honest, it wasn't really that hard to depict Harry's emotions. He looked too nervous and slightly scared. Like always, me being me, my chest started to hurt a little. Some sort of feeling for him was disturbing me. Maybe sympathy? I'm just upset that he burst out on me like that. I shouldn't let him destroy what took years to build. He's not going to drag me down.


I looked back at the young girl and smiled.

"Thank you," I tore the receipt from the small machine and put in the bag,"Here you go. Please come again."

"Sure will."

"Enjoy your day, Alexis," I said with a glee voice, "You too, Harry." I uttered.

"Thank you, you too!" The petite girl sent me a small wave before walking away with him.

I couldn't help it. It bothered me to see them so close to each other. Why her? They only just met to my knowledge. How come he let her befriend him and not m- us. He let her go in so easily. Yet, he made it a huge problem with us. I just don't get it.



"Ash, just come in. It's just lingerie."

After hours -not really- of begging this dork to come, he was now whining about the clothing surrounding the store. Mindy had left, she took advantage of the small business today to finish her part so it was only Ash and I. Which actually was a benefit for me, it gave me more privacy with him.

"So what do I have to do?"

I got the boxes from the storage and placed them on the counter. I puffed a little before talking.

"We are going to put the good ones on the manikins and the rest either fold them, or hang then. You'll do the hanging, your much taller."

"I'm not that tall."

"You're right. We should've called Luke." I said sarcastically.

I began opening the boxes as Ashton got the manikins. My fingertips ran over the silky material. We began separating the clothes, which one should be on display and which should not. I had connected my phone to the speakers, I can't really handle those pop songs.

"Ash?" I said stopping my actions.

I let out a giggle when I saw him staring the manikin with the set.


"I'm sorry." My smile faded and my breathing increased.

He looked away from the manikin and his face filled with concern as he got closer.

"Sorry for what Scar? Is everything ok?" I felt him just inches from me, "Hey, why are you crying." Something clicked inside me when I heard his soft soothing voice, it only made me cry harder.

I couldn't any more. I couldn't stop the flashbacks that would easily come back to life. All the memories, all what I felt in the past were crashing back and I was starting to feel weak again.

"I can't Ashton, I can't." My voice was now a higher octave and I knew that worried him.

"What Scarlett? Please tell me what's wrong."  I could tell he was starting to feel more anxious.

"I'm starting to remember again."


I decided to write this part as her POV just so you can get more of a glimpse of her. Maybe the next chapter I will explain what she meant at the end. Or maybe not... lol anyway love you all. Please don't forget to comment and vote xxx





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