The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


2. Chapter 1

Harry's POV:


The cold air slapped my face as I pushed the doors open of hell. My head and gaze was focused on the ground, snickers through a mass of lads. I quickened my pace to my locker, I don't want to deal with them. I sighed in relief as I saw my locker, took my things out and went to class. I was late. The usual, parents arguing. I can't have a peaceful life, because if it isn't these jerks in school, it's my family.


I pushed my curls to the side as I turned the door knob of 2 period. History.


"Mr.Styles. Late again, eh?" Mr.Lance gave one of those creepy sinister smiles, which soon turned to a straight hard face.


"Don't make it a habit. Take a seat."


My cheeks were burning as I rushed to the back corner. This was my seat. It was isolated, far from those dickheads and gossip girls. I sighed as I took a seat, looking at the clock. 1 hour to go. Hang in there, Harry.


The bell soon rang. I sprinted to my feet and left before anyone can catch up. I don't actually go to lunch. I prefer not to eat. I usually go to the library and stay on my phone, but today, I have to make up some work. Yeah, right. I won't do that. Grades are useless. The only class I'm not failing is English. Of course, PE is on of them. But anyone can easily get an A or B on it. I'll just skip the rest of school. My parents won't care anyway. All they give a shit about is my sister. "Oh, why can you be intelligent like your sister?" Or, "Learn from your sister, if you don't, all you'll ever be is a low life."


All this it does is make me NOT want to do anything she does. As soon as I exit the building, I saw them. Tyler and his so called friends. I attempted to hide myself, but like always, I fail. That's all I am and all I'll ever do. Fail.


"Well, look who's here lads!"


My body froze, as I stood there in the middle of his gang. Like a pack of lions and its prey. Soon, I felt two hands shove me.


"What a pussy. Man up. We are just teaching to how to live the real world."


With that being said, the beatings began.




I groaned as I entered my room, it was almost like a routine already. Go to school, only to decide to just skip it and then get beaten by Tyler. It's useless really. My life. I was a mistake. I shouldn't exist. I walk this world alone, with no one beside me to guide me through this miserable life. I'm pretty much screwed, considering that I don't even have my family by my side to lift me up. All I have is myself. But that doesn't help. It only reminds me how lonely and worthless I am.


A knock came from the door.




"Yes?" I murmured.


The door swung open revealing a furious dad. Crap. Here we go again. Why do I even consider answering?


"Why are you home? You are supposed to be at school!"


His hands went to my neck and pressed It. Air was being blocked out of my lungs. My face stared to flush, all I did was place my hands on his to remove it. But why should I anyway? He would actually be doing me a favor.


"Stop skipping school! Are you stupid? What? You think it's all badass? Don't you? Well being a badass, my son, won't get you no where in life. So I suggest you stop skipping and take your ass back to school!"


He released his grip and stormed off, slamming the door on the way. I gasped for air, my heart was pounding a mile a minute. Why should I even try to regain my breath. I might as well just choke my own self. But I'm too much of a coward. I want to go, but I'm afraid of dying for a stupid reason. Back in my head, I start to think that maybe life well stop being a bitch and finally be decent with me. There is more to life. Right? No. For me, there will never be. There would only be failure in my life. I don't want to be one who enjoys to suffer. That's just messed up. My parents say I should do better in life, to stop being a lowlife and get a career. But they are such hypocrites. They don't even have a career. My dad dropped out of school because he thought it was useless. My mom on the other hand, was more mature and responsible. My mom can be a good mother, I love her, but most of the time, she just compares me to her precious daughter. Gemma (I don't have anything against Gem, I love her!)


She's just a stuck up brat who only really does good in Math and English. At this moment, she's probably out with her friends. Do they lecture her? No. Do they punish her? No. Do they beat her? Dammit, no they don't. All they say is, " Just don't do it again honey." And that's all. Well if they want me to be like her than they should also be proud of me. I do do the things she does. But I guess the love is just different? Right?


A loud truck stopped at the front of the house next to ours. I got up and opened the blinds a bit more to get more of a glance. It was a moving truck. I really don't give two shits who they are. They don't care about me either so... might as well not get my hopes up.


The only thing I have to focus on is my life, which well soon no longer exist.


Hello! Yay I got the 1 chapter done!! *Happy dance* Most of the story will have Harry's POV, which is kind of rare on fanfics, but oh well. He is 17 in the book as of now. Just Warning you right now this well involve cutting and explicit language.  Love you guys and I hoped you enjoyed it!

-Kryptonite890 💋💋💋💋💋💋


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