Iris Iridescent's Guide To All Things Magical

Contrary to popular belief, magic is real. But, as everyone loves to point out, it's dangerous too. Magic can help you fit in or set you apart from everyone else. It could even leave you locked up in the nut house because everyone thinks you're crazy. You have to be careful with magic. You have to follow the rules. This journal will save some of your lives someday by teaching you the do's and don'ts of magic. There just one important question you might want to ask yourself first: do you believe in magic?


2. The #1 Rule of Magic


The number one rule of magic is DON’T MESS WITH IT. You aren’t anywhere near as smart as you think you are. Don’t get tangled up in the world of magic EVER. There are people in the world trained to handle magic and magical problems. You are not one of them. NEVER EVER MESS WITH MAGIC. Well, now that that’s out of the way, the real fun can begin. This guide isn’t just about magic and how to avoid it, it’s about all things magical. As long as you follow the number one rule CAREFULLY, you’ll be perfectly safe. Read on if you dare. You are about to enter a world you’ve only ever known in your imagination.

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