Makeup Running Down My Face

Kennedy Sledge can't hear, she's deaf. She's never known what music sounded like. So one morning, she found herself able to hear, strangely. She checked online for concerts, and a concert of some band called Five Seconds of Summer was the closest, tonight. She had to make it as soon as possible. But when she goes, something, miraculous happens, I mean, more than being able to hear when your deaf, she catches one of their eyes.


2. Chapter 2

Kennedys POV

I walked to my car. I got in, and drove to the gymnasium. I got front row seats, and then vip passes. I practiced my talking, "Ca..." I said. I don't normally stutter, but well, I hear myself talk, and it sounds horrible. I walked in, I sat down. A27. Seat A27. Right in front of 3 mics, and a set of drums. I remember reading about this band. Ashton, is the drummer. I thought he was the most attractive. Then there was Luke, Calum, and Michael. They walked out, girls were screaming, it was so loud. I felt as if I could go deaf. Oh wait. Haha. "Hello Alabama!" Luke, I think, said. Now, we're gonna start out, with fan favorite, Amnesia. Ready boys?" And they started singing.


    I drove by all the places where we use to hang out getting wasted. I remember our last kiss the way it felt the way you tasted. And even though your friends tell me your doing fine.......

It was weird, hearing music, for the first time. I was really thinking about the lyrics.

I remember the day you told me you were leaving, I remember the makeup running down your face, and the dreams you left behind you didn't need them, like every single wish we ever made. I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about those stupid little things like the way it felt to fallasleep next to you and the memories....

Tears were rolling down my face by now. I listened to the lyrics, I wish someone would feel this way about me. But me being me, who would want to date me. 

If today I woke up with you right beside me, with all those twisted dreams, and you'd never slip away, you'd never here me say, I remember the day you told me you were leaving I remember the make up running down your face.

Makeup was running down my face. I quickly wiped it away. Then the song was over. Ashton looked at me and smiled. But he couldn't be looking at me. But he might be, you know that feeling, when you look your crush in the eye. I got that feeling. He defenseless looked at me. "Now, up next All American Girl." They played through their whole album, I drowned in every single one of there songs. I completely fell in love with this band. And their cute drummer. "If you have a vip pass, please come to the back. I walked up there. I then realized, I was the only one. The boys all smiled at me. "Hello there, what's your name?" Luke asked. "Kennedy Sledge." I said. I hung out with the boys, and laughed with them. Ashton and I were best friends now. We all exchanged numbers. They probably would delete it from their phones, but it felt good, just knowing that I had talked to a celebrity like them. I drove home. Mom ran up to me, and grabbed my arm. She ran me into the living room. "And now, Ellen DeGeneres' interview with 5sos, after their consert." The new reporter started. "And does the well-known drummer, Asthon Irwin have a secret somebody? Stay tuned." The news reporter said. I laughed. I went to take my contacts out, and then came back out. It had just changed. "Hello, I'm Ellen DeGeneres, and I will be interviewing Five Seconds of Summer!" She said. The boys walked out. "So Ashton, you have a crush, as poparazzi is saying, who, might I ask." The boys all laughed as Ashton blushed. "Well, when the girls with VIP passes came up, there was only one. She was beautiful, she was funny, she had the most perfect laugh, I real,y hit it off with her, we exchanged phone numbers, and we hung out, it was fun." Ashton said. "Now, what's her name?" Ellen asked. "Kennedy Sledge." He responded. I started laughing, and mom started jumping up in down. When all of a sudden, my dog threw up, and started whimpering. "Daisy!"


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