Makeup Running Down My Face

Kennedy Sledge can't hear, she's deaf. She's never known what music sounded like. So one morning, she found herself able to hear, strangely. She checked online for concerts, and a concert of some band called Five Seconds of Summer was the closest, tonight. She had to make it as soon as possible. But when she goes, something, miraculous happens, I mean, more than being able to hear when your deaf, she catches one of their eyes.


1. Chapter 1

Kennedys POV

I felt my mom shaking me. It was time to get up. She walked out of my room. I picked clothes up. After I got ready, I got into my car and drove to my school, Rennalds School for the Deaf. Then, something happened, that has never happened before, I heard a noise, I looked behind me and saw a police siren. I pulled over. I could hear, that's not normal, at all. I turned around, and drove back home. "Mom, I can hear!" I yelled. She ran and looked at me in awe. I had heard my voice for the first time, it sounded horrible. I looked at her, "My voice sounds horrible." I said. "I know baby." Mom said. "Turn around." She said. I did as she said. "I love you she said. "I love you too, mom." I said. "You truly can hear." She whispered. I was late for school. I decided not to go, I can just say I'm sick. I ran to my computer, I had over $2,000 saved. I searched concerts for tonight, I have always wanted to hear music, I need to before its to late. I saw a concert of someone, 5sos, whoever they are. Tickets...... $500. VIP backstage, $2,000. I clicked buy, on $2,000. I saw the timing was at 7:00 p.m. At the gymnasium, here, in Birmingham. I told mom, and she said she was happy for me. I got a text. Emmett: Where r u? U told me u would be at school today.

I didn't respond. I went to get ready for the concert.


Hey, I know I normally do 1D, but I decided to change it up a bit.



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