They thought they were going on a trip. They thought they would be home by three. They thought they would go home. They thought they would be safe. They thought wrong. ~~ENTRY FOR THE ZA COMPETITION!~~


1. Chapter 1

We were in a school bus, headed to what we thought was a museum, on what we thought was a school trip. We would find out much too late that that was not where we were headed. We were dropped off at what looked like a military bunker, but hey, we were told we were going to a war museum. When we got inside, we were separated into groups, and forced into separate rooms. The one we were in, and we're assuming that all the others were the same,was bleak. The walls and floors were grey concrete and the lights flickered on and off like a cheesy horror movie. There were no windows, and no furniture, not even a carpet. It was at that point that we knew something was wrong.

We looked to each other, as if to silently ask if we knew anything, but each of us shook our heads in turn, revealing our lack of knowledge. Then came the voice over the intercom. 

"Welcome, ladies and gents, I'm sure you all have questions. As I'm sure you have guessed, this is not the war museum you were scheduled to arrive at, and I'm sorry to say, that trip has been canceled. As soon as you stepped in the door, you became part of a privately funded program. Don't worry, no harm will come to you. Just think of it this way, you're helping the world become a better place. Group one, you will know who you are shortly, you will soon be moved to another room to participate in our first...activity. Groups two through seven, we ask that you wait patiently, more instructions will be given to each group within the day. We thank you for your participation."

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