My life and 1D

When my family gets killed by a drunk driver and I am the only survivor, I don't know how to move on. With no family left, I'm in the hospital when I see the people who called 911. It's One Direction?!


1. How it began...

    I run my hands through my long, blue dyed hair. I'm trying to keep it from sticking everywhere, which proves near impossible. As the car moves along, mom laughs. She can't help it; dad is making her laugh from the side of the car.

    Hadley keeps trying to sit on my lap. I push her down on her seat and glare at her. "I'm seventeen and your ten; stop acting like a baby."

    And that's when it happens.

    The car hits us from the left side, hitting mom, dad, and Hadley. I was scooted so far away from them that the vehicle didn't hit me as bad. The car spins out of control, and I'm the only one screaming.

    Why isn't dad, or mom, or Hadley screaming?

    I don't remember how the car stopped, I just know that it did. My seat belt jerks me upright, and my head slams against the back of seat. Cuts and bruises cover me, and I close my eyes as the darkness overtakes me...



    They said I was very lucky. As the lone survivor of a drunk driver who took out my entire family, I tell the doctors that I feel anything BUT. Mom and Dad were instantly dead on the scene. Hadley let out her last breath on the ride in the ambulance. I was left unconscious, my blue hair purple since my red blood mixed together with it. 

    As the doctors go up and about with checking on me and my vitals, I wish they could just leave me alone. I hate crying in front of random people...hate it even more now that I have no mother of father or little sister to comfort me.

    Suddenly, Dr. Rosario walks in with a smile. She ushers someone behind her to hurry.

    I glare at her.

   "Aprilynne, I know it's not much, but here's the person who called 911." A throat clears behind her  and she blushes. "I apologize; persons."

     She moves out of the way-and I keep my face composed as much as I can.

    It's none other than One Direction.

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