My life and 1D

When my family gets killed by a drunk driver and I am the only survivor, I don't know how to move on. With no family left, I'm in the hospital when I see the people who called 911. It's One Direction?!


2. Harry Styles

   I don't really know what to say to her. She's lying in the hospital bed with the blankets up to her chest. Her arms rest above the blanket, a bunch of needles and tubes sticking out from them. Cuts and bruises trail her arms, all the way up, and there's some on her face. Her blue hair has a tinge of purple in it-probably from the blood that was scrubbed off-and her blue eyes meet mine.

   She has no emotion on her face, just staring at me, then her eyes flicking over to the others.

  "I'll give you some private time." Dr. Rosario says, as she leaves, closing the door behind her.

  "Uh, I'm Harry. Harry Styles."

  "I know." she responds, in a clear voice.


  "What do you guys want?" she asks, sitting up, before she winces and goes back down.

  "We just wanted to see if you were okay." Niall responds, and I wish he was standing in the front instead of me-he knows what to say on these type of things.

  "Okay?!" she lets out a hard laugh, "My parents and my sister are dead, they're the only family I have left, I'm pretty sure they're going to put me in foster care, but besides that, I'm right as rainbows."

   At Niall's crestfallen face, Zayn approaches her, his eyes dark and fearless. "Just because that has happened, does NOT give you the right to talk to Niall like that."

   The girl meets Zayn stare with her own, neither one of them backing down from each other. Finally, the girl sighs, and mutters an apology to Niall. Satisfied, Zayn leans back.

   "Will you guys just leave me alone? Please? I'm a huge fan and all, but I just wanna be alone right now." she says, pulling the thin blanket up to her chin.

   I step up to her bed, staring at her pretty features. "Just give us your name. Then we'll go."

  She looks at me suspiciously, but nods. "I'm Aprilynne Smith."

  "Nice to meet you, Aprilynne." I say.


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