Candy island

Join lily as she take a trip through
The one and only, delicious, sweetie
Island of candy land. Could this really
Be possible. Watch her make new friends, solve problems and find an easy way home...


2. toy land park

"Guess where we are going!?" Cried mum. I got excited. Was it Cadbury world? " we're going toy land park!" She announced. She saw my look. "Come on, it bloody costs a lot of money for us to go to this stupid amusement park, well it is worth it for little Max." That was my brothers name. Max. He is 7 years old but he acts like a 2 year old. " yay yay yay I wuv you mummy" he said. He knows how to say "love" but he says it wrong on purpose to make mum go all sweet on him.

We soon arrived at a colourful place with little kids running around. How horrid! I am not very fond of any kiddies who are younger than me. Don't ask why?!

Max look around around at everything. This was his heaven. At once Max grabbed dads and mums hands and ran deep into the amusement park. They left stuck with other strange kiddies... Why!...

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