Candy island

Join lily as she take a trip through
The one and only, delicious, sweetie
Island of candy land. Could this really
Be possible. Watch her make new friends, solve problems and find an easy way home...


1. Swan lake road

It was were I live. Swan lake road. Yep. The road is named after some ballet dance thing or a movie. I'm not much of a fan at these things. I'll tell you what I like. These days I've been a bit embarrassed saying this. But I love...


I know. Your probably thinking what is wrong with liking chocolate and sweets. The thing is that I am quite big. Very big. I try my very best to go on a diet. But... My brother makes it hard for me. Very hard. "Mm yum yum yummy, creamy chocolate" he would say. I would hate him for that. But now I don't care what people say or do. Sweets is my only best friend.

Now it is the summer holidays. I would really love to go to Cadbury world. It is a land of chocolate. Not really. It is like some amusement park. But still. Ahh.


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