When the future is sh*t

The second book in the sh*t series, if you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you read it, it is called 'Magic or some sh*t'
~ Mituna x


2. two.

That random guy over there.


I was Ted's best friend, Steven. We used to go play golf together on Tuesday's. That all changed when those things invaded our world.

One Tuesday afternoon, me and Ted had just finished our golf practice, and we saw someone standing on the green.

"Get off the grass you bloody idiot"

He didn't respond. He just stood there, swaying side to side, staring at us. 

I told Ted I'd get a closer look. That was a fatal mistake.

As soon as I put one foot on the grass, he came rushing at us. Sprinting, crawling...drueling. Ted told me to run, so I listened to him. We ran to ted's car and locked ourself in. He drove to his girlfriends house. Remmie or something like that. No wait, Jennie.

He went inside. A huge horde of drueling men, women and children smashed through into people's homes. Suddenly I saw Ted being dragged and he was...bleeding. Those 'things' were biting him!

I knew what to do and I ran out of the car and smashed the round the face with my golf club. There must have been seven of them as I was severely outnumbered. Ted rushed off to the car and called me. But I didn't come. I had to destroy theses beasts!

Smash, Whack, Bang. One by one I struck them down. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through my shoulder as Ted grabbed me and put us in the car. My neck was covered in blood. I was bleeding...badly. I asked Ted about his girl but he told me to shut up and bandaged my bleeding neck. They bit us, they bit us both.



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